Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunday and Monday

May 16 & 17, 2011

Sunday was a pretty good day! We got a late start and didn't make it to Sunday school, but church was fun. Oliver was nice enough to poop for the ladies in the nursery. How sweet of him. After church we went out for pizza with my family. Oliver enjoyed "driving" in the arcade section. He went to Papa's house to play for awhile while Kaleb and I took Carter to Wal Mart for some diapers... and we did indeed leave Wal Mart with diapers 45 MINUTES LATER! Not one minute after walking into the store this guy stops us and says "Oh that's a little one! How old is he?" us: "3 months..." crazy guy: "Oh my grandson is three months old! He weighed 10 lbs 1 ounce at birth. Now he weighs 26 lbs!" ummmm well seeing that my chubby (ok very chubby) 16 month old weighs 27 pounds I'm guessing he was a little off on that number...and from there he didn't stop talking for forty minutes straight. We learned everything about him and we didn't say one word the entire time. He ended with "Well maybe I should give you guys my phone number!" haha Thankfully he had short term memory loss and forgot that he had said that and never actually gave it to us. No he really did have short term memory loss.... true fact. He told us all about his brain injuries, back surgeries, etc etc.... It felt like the twilight zone...
So we went back to Papa's house and picked Oliver up to go to Starbucks for the very last (sniff sniff) day of Happy Hour and later that night went over to the Way's house to see everyone! It was a great day. On the way home I said "Oliver are you going to sleep so good tonight?" and Oliver says "Pease! Pease!" and puts his hands by his face and starts fake snoring like he was sleeping! It was the cutest thing ever.... he then proceeded to snore for five minutes straight ha. 
Monday was full of laundry and lounging around the house. We went out for a little bit to see Papa at Starbucks before he headed to work, but then came back home and Auntie Kyky came over to play. One of Oliver's favorite things right now is pretending that the tennis racket is a guitar and singing a little song. He always runs up to me and asks me to "play" it so we sing Jesus Loves Me at least ten times a day. Daddy came home, we had dinner, played toys, and went to bed! It was a pretty good start to the week...

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