Friday, September 2, 2011

Catching Up On The Last Couple of Weeks...

August 18-31, 2011

There will be lots of pictures from the last couple of weeks!

 Above: We were spending the afternoon at Nana and Papa's house while Daddy was at work. Carter you enjoyed jumping around in your bouncer and Oliver you were enjoying all of the toys Nana has for you. You boys were even interacting quite a bit, it was very cute!
 Above: We spent a great day at home together. We took a day out of the week to just be together, we didn't go anywhere or have anyone over and it was pretty amazing. Oliver, we sat and cuddled on my bed while we watched your favorite movie "Cars". We snacked on some fishy crackers and enjoyed each others company while brother napped, it was truly the best. We also ended up taking a trip to the park that's across the street from our house and kicked the soccer ball around. You enjoyed gathering rocks and sticks as well. :) Carter you taught yourself how to sit up that day. You figured it out all by yourself! You are an amazing little guy...
 Above: Oliver, you were enjoying a yummy cupcake that your buddy Melissa had made for you. You had a nice frosting mustache that your Dad and I got a kick out of. You were making some silly faces. Carter you enjoyed crawling all over the church since you decided that you were going to talk and make really loud happy noises during church. It was cute, but probably not a great idea to distract everyone in the auditorium!
 Above: We spent a day in SLO with Papa and your aunties and uncle. We went to the bookstore and sat to enjoy each others company over some coffee. You both were so tired on the way home that you slept the entire way. 
 Above: We spent one Saturday in Solvang with Nana and Papa. We browsed through a bunch of shops and ate at a very cute little restaurant where we were able to eat outside. It was a lot of fun. Oliver you really enjoyed the cowboy hats you were trying on.
Above: More pictures of SLO...reading books and riding in the car.

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