Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas At Home

December 24 & 25, 2011

We were really excited about Christmas this year because we knew that Oliver would actually understand what was going on and be able to remember certain things! So we were really happy to start making some Christmas memories! Christmas Eve we spent the day together and went to church in the afternoon. It was a family service so both of you were able to sit with us and seemed to really enjoy it. After, we went home to start cooking our Christmas Eve dinner. We had steak, sweet potatoes, corn, sweet rolls, and sparkling apple cider. For dessert we made cheese danishes which were delicious! It was a great little tradition for us.

Christmas morning we woke up and we actually had to wake both of you guys up since we were starting early with plans to head out to church since it was a Sunday.

Oliver you were fast asleep and pretty hard to awaken!

But after some poking, tickling, and talking we were able to get you up for "presents".

Carter, you popped up and smiled as soon as I opened the door. :)

As soon as they got up we took them out to open stockings...

Oliver, you got a couple of monster trucks!

And a bunch of candy...

that you insisted on taste testing. :)

You boys got a Bullseye rocking horse that plays music and you both love it!

We have a Christmas morning breakfast tradition. Every year I make french toast casserole and it's really delicious!

After breakfast we got ready to go to church!

Poor Oliver, you were still so tired. :)

But so sweet...

After church we came home and you guys opened the rest of your presents.

You got to skype with everyone in Oklahoma! They got to see you open up some gifts. 

You were pretty excited about what you got. 

Later in the day we headed over to Uncle Dave and Aunt Kari's house! We had dinner and opened more presents and spent some good time with everyone there. We had a great Christmas this year and can't wait for next year when Carter will be able to make memories too. :)

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