Monday, May 7, 2012

A Weekly Recap

April 30-May 6, 2012


We really just spent the day lounging around the house. I pulled out some coloring books and crayons that we had gotten Oliver for Christmas because he hasn't really used them since then. He loves to color now! He sat at the table and color while Carter napped that afternoon. 

He can only color while Carter is asleep because Carter likes to eat while Carter is awake Oliver uses this cool little doodle pad (that he got from his Aunt Kari for his birthday) to draw and get his coloring fix in. He writes little circles and squiggles and tells me what he's drawing... "It's a pirate, Mama!" or "I draw a ching ching!" it's really cute to see him using his imagination. 

Carter also just grew tall enough to open all of the doors in our house now, just another thing that makes my life a little more interesting. :) He was quite proud of himself...

We packed up a picnic lunch and brought it to Kaleb on his break; the boys always love going to visit him at work! We made plans to meet my Dad and sister at Burger King for an ice cream treat right after and then headed over to Starbucks for coffee. On our way home from there Oliver fell asleep in the car so Carter and I hung out in the car until he woke up! We live in a condo so our front door is pretty far from our car and I cannot carry them both all the way up if one or both are asleep, so we hang out in the car a lot...

Once Daddy got home he surprised us with a trip to Panera for dinner! We love Panera and it's always a treat for us to go! The boys sat side by side in their high chairs and poked and giggled and fed each other food the whole time, it was really cute. 

 Daddy really enjoys getting cuddles in with his boys after work!

After dinner we had some time to spare so we decided to let the boys loose in the gym at church because they can be wild and crazy without breaking anything or getting lost. It's hard to keep track of two wild crazy kids in a big building, this was perfect.


Our sweet friend Virginia went to be with Jesus the week before so we drove up to Arroyo Grande to celebrate her life. She was an old friend that all of us considered as a Grandma to us. She had battled breathing problems all of her life and outlived her husband Richard by six years. We are so happy that she is breathing easy in her glorified body worshipping Christ and that she has been reunited with Richard who she missed dearly here on earth. We really miss her. 

After the service we got to spend time with my family and have dinner with them. It was fun to reflect on the sweet memories that we all have of Virginia and to talk about her life in eternity. What a blessing to have hope in life after death and that we can be confident that we will be reunited with her one day!

My sister Kylie and I after the memorial service. We're completely normal...always.

Chocolate malt to go? Don't mind if I do. I enjoyed this baby from the comfort of my own bed. Perfect.


This was our lunch date/park date with my sister. More details in the previous post here. To sum it up we had a great day!

That night we got to spend some time with Kaleb's sister Kari and her girls. We dropped the boys off with them for a couple of hours while we went to a meeting and spent a little time with them after we were done. The boys LOVE going over to their house, they have an amazing backyard that the boys can explore, a kitty cat to play with, and the girls have all kinds of fun things to play with in their rooms. All that to say, the boys had a great time! We are so grateful to have sweet family so close. 


This is the day we take our weekly trip to Avila Beach. We run our eight miles, spend a little time at the beach/playground, and grab some lunch and coffee right after. The weather has been perfect for it lately and we always have a great time! Unfortunately Oliver is now deathly afraid of the ocean seeing that last time right as we were leaving he tripped and fell into the water which we thought was no big deal until we went back this week. He would go nowhere near the water, not even when I was holding him. He was convinced the waves were going to get him! Once we got back up to the sidewalk he was all smiles.

We headed back to town to pick up all of my siblings from school to take them to Starbucks for HAPPY HOUR!! Seriously, the best time of year at Starbucks! 

My brother Tyler, Oliver, and me.

They forgot to make a couple of our drinks so we ended up getting a couple of free drink coupons! Woo! Oliver was excited too :)

They conked out as soon as we got in the car!

Later that night we ended up going back up to Avila Beach to browse their farmers market that they have every Friday night and to have dinner. It was a lot of fun eating dinner and enjoying the ocean view. Kaleb and the boys really enjoyed the kettle corn that they bought. :)

Kaleb and I, you can't see any of the background (which was the beach)...oh well!

This picture is terrible quality! Farmers Market!

After we got back I decided to head to Starbucks after we put the boys to bed to hang out for awhile. When I walked in a few of my friends from church were hanging out having coffee so I got to join them! It was really fun to sit and chat with them.


We just had a Saturday mostly spent at home. We went out for a walk and ran some errands, but stayed home for the most part! I took no pictures that day so I'll leave you with this one.....

My boys were giving each other kisses and it was the cutest thing ever!


We spent our morning at church like we do every Sunday and enjoyed lunch with my family at my parents house. We had some delicious pork ribs and potatoes that my Mom made for everyone. She also made homemade donuts and churros so of course, we indulged! 

The picture on the left cracks me up...Oliver had powdered sugar sprinkled all over his shirt from his donut and Carter was scraping it off with his finger and licking it up. He'll do anything for sweets apparently. The picture on the right is Carter watching a movie...right in front of the screen.

My cute husband, he was being silly. One thing we love to do Sunday afternoons at my parents house, sit outside on the patio with a cup of coffee! The best.

The rest of the afternoon was spent out on a walk to the park and a trip to Starbucks with the family until we headed back to church in the evening. Such a fun, relaxing weekend!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful week! And I was so excited when you walked into Starbucks! Still jealous you can run eight miles... :)


    1. Seeing you guys in there was such an awesome surprise! We'll have to get together again soon! I'm completely jealous you get to take yoga!! I so wish I could afford treetop!


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