Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekly Recap

May 14-20, 2012
The day started out with nakey baby cuddles....too cute for words?? YES!
Our day started out pretty normal, we had made plans to go over to Papa's house for lunch because we had nothing in the house to eat from not going grocery shopping over the weekend! Both boys ended up falling asleep right before we were supposed to leave, one of them fell asleep on my lap, so we ended up sitting and cuddling for almost three hours.

We got lunch about 3:30 in the afternoon. Oh well, I loved the cuddles! 
That night Kaleb had Bible study and a meeting at church so we stayed at my parents house and had dinner with them while he was gone.

We were pretty intent on getting out to enjoy the warm weather since we didn't really get to do that the day before, so we made plans for a picnic at the park with my Dad and sister Kylie.

Oliver was one time out but he's still cute!

Carter enjoying some time on the porch with Uncle Ty Ty, eating chips.
That night Kaleb had suggested that we get out for a little date so, we did just that! We're on a pretty tight budget so our date consisted of Carl's Jr by an outdoor fire place and sitting in Starbucks for a couple of hours enjoying each other's company. It was really fun and it was much needed.

A little breather in our crazy, much too busy life.

Left: Oliver being the cutest ever. Right: Oliver's awesome, new, red, "pirate" shoes.
Oliver woke up that morning begging to go have a picnic at the park (he's obsessed now) so we picked up my sister, baked a pizza, and headed out to the park. We had a lot of fun in the warm weather, which was really great, and then stopped at Starbucks for a free drink. :)
Fun at the park!

Left: Yummy frapp time Right: an extremely large, nasty spider we found on the porch!
That night we walked to our weekly Bible study with some other young families from church and had a great time fellowshipping with them. 
We started out our day by having my friend Farah and her sweet little boy Westly over for a bit. The boys played while Farah and I got to chat and it really was a fun little visit. Westly and Carter are only six weeks apart and they look very similar when standing side by side so it was funny to see them playing together.

We, once again, had lunch with my sister and played out in my parents yard until my sisters and brother needed to be picked up from school.
Left: Carter playing with Cooper (who he loves) Right: Oliver playing in the dirt and smooshing ants.

Carter got to play with my parents dog Cooper, who he absolutely adores, so that was a big highlight of his afternoon. Oliver really enjoys going to pick my siblings up from school and as soon as we pulled in he was saying "Tinney, get in the car right now!". He calls my sister Mackenzie, Tinney. It was hilarious.
Left: Carter blubbing his lips, being cute. We hung out while brother napped: Right.

My sweet brother offered to take the boys to the park around the corner for their house twice this week! It was such a nice time for me to sit and relax before Kaleb got home from work. I'm always pretty tired by late afternoon, so this was great!

We normally take our weekly trip up to Avila to run the Bob Jones Trail but my Dad ended up having to work later in the afternoon so we wouldn't have had time to get back. We decided to run one of our local routes instead and have lunch somewhere in town. We chose Costco because it's yummy but also super cheap!
Enjoying lunch with lots of love and smiles!

We spent the rest of our afternoon at home so the boys could nap (they each slept for over three hours!) and I enjoyed some blogging and iced coffee after a nice warm shower! 
Left: So spoiled with napping babies and some peace and quiet. Right: Fun at the park with Kaleb while the boys played.

After Kaleb got home from work we decided to head out for a little walk. A little walk turned into playing at the park and walking to Target to look around. 
It was a really fun and relaxing way to kick off the weekend!

Oliver enjoying his little treat, a ring pop. Red lipped cuteness.

We made plans to go hiking with a guy that Kaleb works with and his two little boys. It was a really nice day and it was out at a spot we had never been to before! We didn't go as far as we wanted to go because we had the stroller, but we plan on heading out again soon to explore some more! 

Left: A few pictures from our beautiful hike! Right: The boys passed out as soon as we got in the car, they were so tired!

We had lunch at the top, walked back, and headed over to his house to make homemade pretzels....yum! 
Left: Oliver loved their pet bird! Right: The boys all sitting down to enjoy a snack.

Poor Carter was so tired when we got home, he finally got his second nap for the day.
Later that evening we met up with my family for pizza and ice cream and stopped at the park on our way home to play with some friends from church! It turned out to be such a fun day.
Left: Photo Cred: My brother Tyler. Right: Enjoying some yummy ice cream!

We went to church and then headed over to my parents house for lunch, just like we do every Sunday. My Mom made some delicious tacos and had made cheesecake to enjoy right after as dessert. YUM! We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and decided to catch up on the grocery shopping that we had been really getting behind on. We got everything we needed for 19 cents under our budget! Woo! 
Left: Carter enjoying his lunch. Right: Some lovin on our relaxing Sunday afternoon.
Left: Oliver was sitting on the porch in his diaper while Aunty Ky Ky was blowing bubbles. Right: Carter was really into playing with the dog, and Cooper pulled his diaper right down. Hilarious.
On the way out it was perfect timing to enjoy the solar eclipse that was going on and decided that it was perfect weather to head out for a run. We ran a little, stopped at the park to play, ran some more, and stopped at Starbucks for a coffee. Perfect. We got home, chopped up some pineapple, and got lots of baby cuddles in before bed. That was how we wrapped up our weekend. 
Left: Fun at the park. Right: Enjoying some before bedtime pineapple!

I hope you all had a great week also! :)

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