Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly Recap

May 21-27, 2012
We were up bright and early to head out for Carter's doctor appointment! He ended up with two finger pricks, four shots, and a fluoride treatment (which he loved-the fluoride not the shots)! He did really well for getting poked so much, and at 15 months he weighed in at 20 pounds (10th percentile) and I'm not sure how tall he measured, they never told me, but they did say his height is normal. He's a skinny little guy but the doctor wasn't concerned because "that's just the way he's built" <--his words exactly and I agree.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling at home, made a quick trip to the playground right before Daddy got home, and then made breakfast for dinner that night. 

We went for a walk/run right after the boys got up and ate breakfast. Oliver fell asleep in the stroller so Carter got to roam around and play in the dirt right outside of our condo for awhile. Oliver woke up and wanted to play a bit, they each picked flowers and ran around before we headed upstairs. The boys both took naps later in the afternoon so I cleaned up a bit and sipped iced coffee, got dinner ready and we ended up having a little dance party and eating without Daddy because he got home late. Oliver had been asking to go to the mall all day so once Kaleb got home he said he would take us. We walked around, played in the arcade, and got some yummy candy as a little treat. Simple but sweet, we really enjoyed the evening. We came home, made some popcorn, and watched a movie.

We had made plans with some friends to spend some time at an indoor bounce house place that we have here in town; we had never been and the boys really loved being able to run around and jump. Right after, since it was free slurpy day, we stopped at Seven Eleven for a sweet treat. Aunty KyKy and Papa had invited us for lunch so from there we met up with them and enjoyed spending some time with them. We stopped at Starbucks, played at Papa's house for awhile, and headed home. That night we went over to Kaleb's sister's house for dinner to spend time with our niece Zoei before she headed back up to Hume for the summer. It was so good to see her and spend time with the whole family, the boys love it over there!
We spent the morning at home, Carter napped for few hours and our friend Morgan and her two adorable kids invited us to meet them at Starbucks for a quick treat, that was really fun. From there we headed to meet Kaleb at work for lunch and then stopped at Papa's house for a quick visit before heading home. Once Kaleb got home we had dinner and decided to scrap some money together to walk across the street to the store and grab some treats. The boys got Skittles for the first time and of course, they loved it! After the boys went to bed our nephew Zach stopped by for a quick visit since he was visiting from San Diego for the night.

We took our weekly trip to Avila to run the Bob Jones Trail! It was a quick trip because it was FREEZING cold! The wind was blowing stuff all over the place, including the sand off of the beach, and it was not fun to try and get out and play. We finished our run and headed into San Luis for lunch at The Habit and coffee at Starbucks. We spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents house watching movies and playing toys.
That night we took our weekly trip to Me N Eds with the family for pizza and stopped next store right after for some ice cream!
That night we had decided to have a "sleepover" with the boys so we popped some popcorn, threw in a movie, grabbed stuffed animals and soft blankets, and let the boys sleep in our room! They loved it, and i always love getting extra baby cuddles, especially when I get to enjoy them all night long!

After our sweet little sleepover, we woke up with the boys and cuddled for a while before heading out for a yummy breakfast at Mcd's! We don't get that very often so it was a treat and we all really enjoyed it! We stopped at my parents house and picked up my sisters because we were meeting the rest of the family at the local Strawberry Festival! Tons of food and vendors to browse through, the only bummer was how cold it was! It was overcast and windy.... we had fun despite the crappy weather. The festival was held in the village of Arroyo Grande so parking was limited. We parked at a school a few blocks away and they had busses taking people to and from the festival; the boys absolutely loved their bus riding experience! After we were too cold to enjoy anymore of the festivities we drove back to my parents for dinner (burgers-yum!) and then stopped at our friends house for dessert and a little hangout time!

We went to church just like we do every Sunday, and my parents invited us to have lunch with them at Arby's (my favorite!!). Top left is Carter being super cute while enjoying his soda and top left is Oliver being cute enjoying his shake. Kaleb got us an orange cream shake to share right after lunch and it was so good! Right after lunch we decided to stop at the thrift store on our way home and boy did we score! We got so much stuff for so little money, it was great. We hung out at home for a bit and headed back to church for a class and the evening service. Our nephew and his girlfriend were in town visiting for the night so we headed over to hang out with them for a bit and now my brother Tyler is staying the night at our house. Such a great weekend and it doesn't end here! Kaleb is home for Memorial Day and we have some fun stuff planned. :) More on that next week!

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  1. Starbucks was so fun, even with my 6 (7? 8?) trips to the bathroom with Ada, and Oliver trying to run out in the street. No big deal. :)


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