Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Recap

July 2-8, 2012

We had a pretty good start to our week, we decided to head over to my parent's house for lunch. Carter was so tired that he fell asleep right there in his high chair, he's never done that before and is normally the kid that will stay awake to avoid missing anything. Not today...

After lunch we headed out for a walk to Starbucks with my sisters and brother ( and the dog Cooper ). The picture above is Carter absolutely enjoying Cooper, he loves him! 


We headed out for another walk to Starbucks with everyone! It's becoming our summer tradition...a little bit of exercise and a little bit of coffee....I could definitely get used to this. The boys got lots of treats (only because Oliver was being rewarded for potty training), Papa got them each a cake pop that they thoroughly enjoyed!

The potty goes everywhere with us so that means it also goes on wagon rides! We're slowly getting adjusted to using big toilets and needing the little potty less and less. I think it's funny and people probably think we're crazy...that's ok. 

That night we headed out for a little run/walk as a family and we all enjoyed it very much! I mean really....look at the joy in Carter's face. :)

This was Oliver's post walk get up...hilarious.


FOURTH OF JULY!! We kicked off our holiday with a delicious breakfast made by Daddy. We got to eat lots of crepes with peanut butter and syrup, delicious!

We spent the entire afternoon lounging around the house, Kaleb played a game with Oliver and I watched my current favorite tv show Parenthood. It was amazingly relaxing and very much needed.

We had heard that Starbucks was giving out free tall coffees so we took a walk over there to enjoy a cup. We then headed out to our sweet friends the Haley's house for a bbq and fireworks celebration!

Oliver pretended to shoot the fireworks with his "pew pew" as we were setting off all of the fireworks. He absolutely loved it and is already looking forward to shooting more off next year.

Nana and Oliver with some sparklers.

Daddy and Oliver shooting off some sparklers.

We decided to spend the day at Papa's house, the boys played out in the yard and rolled around in the dirt a bit. They really enjoy having a yard to play in and I wish we had that for them but for now they fully enjoy Papa's. :)

Oliver enjoying a nap on Papa's couch.

I made the mistake of watching videos of Oliver from exactly one year ago after he went to bed. I can't believe he was that little just last year and how much he's changed since then. I was fighting back tears and was really tempted to go scoop him up out of his bed to cuddle with him, but I resisted partly because Kaleb suggested that might be a little weird. :) Not really, but kind of....ok anyways...It was precious!


We needed to head out that morning to run a couple of errands and this is honestly how Oliver left the house. He insisted that he wear his pirate hat, his goggles, and to carry a wooden spoon in one hand and a foam sword or "ching ching" in the other hand. He looked like a crazy child but I thought it was really cute and he made me smile every time I glanced down at him. While I was busy making some phone calls I let him watch some videos on youtube and he ended up searching out some weird "yoshi goes swimming" video and posting it to facebook and twitter! Way to make me look crazy son, and I'm sure that won't be the last time that happens...

We did indeed walk to Starbucks again that day only this time Papa was able to come with us since he didn't have to work. We had lots of fun watching the boys play and eat cake pops.

Oliver is such a sweet boy...

he was being silly...

...and a little bit crazy.

Carter looks ridiculously cute drinking out of his don't do it justice.

We had plans to meet my family for our weekly pizza night at Me-N-Eds so we headed out for a run to get there. They have an outdoor fireplace there that the boys love playing at once we're finished eating and we've sort of made a tradition out of stopping right next door for ice cream afterwards. We always have fun with everyone and it's a great way to kick off the weekend...

Phew! I didn't even get through the week....I'll post details and pictures about our weekend later in the week! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm linking up with Naptime Review for the Mom's Monday Mingle...looking forward to meeting some new ladies this week!


  1. Hi, I'm coming from the Moms' Monday Mingling. Your boys are so adorable!

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