Thursday, August 30, 2012

BUMPdate 13 weeks!

Me and my Dad with our second trimester "bumps"
and yes...he does in fact have a halo.

I am so excited and kind of amazed that the first trimester is over! That went by so fast and I'm sure the rest of this pregnancy will fly by even faster. Bring on the second trimester!! I felt the first little flutters and kicks this week which is my absolute favorite part of being pregnant. Having a ginormous belly is my second favorite part, but that comes later. :)

We have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday and an ultrasound on Thursday. I'm excited because I love getting a peek at our sweet baby and how much he (or she but I'm still betting he) has grown. I'll be 14 weeks exactly and I'm hoping we'll get a peek at the gender! Maybe, maybe not! I'll keep you all posted!

I am feeling really good besides a couple of bouts of tachycardia, blah! For some reason I have pregnancy induced sinus tachycardia, it's rare but it's happened every pregnancy! When my heart starts to race I get short of breath, nauseous, and hot/sweaty. So not fun to go through but I do get to start taking a beta blocker that's supposed to keep it at bay. I'll be starting that really soon and hopefully it won't be so much of a problem. The tachycardia has put a damper on any exercise for me lately so I'm really anxious to start taking my medicine, I have prenatal yoga classes to attend!!

he's trying to suck in his "bump"...yah Dad, me too!

I'll post another bumpdate next week and maybe I'll have some sweet ultrasound pictures to post as well!


  1. Yay! I love your bumpdates. I seriously miss being pregnant.. It feels so strange to say that! :)

  2. Hi! Stopping by from the Mommy Brain Mixer. Your boys (and your bump) are so cute!! p.s. I have an Oliver too!! :)

  3. Awesome bumpdate and congratulations! (Stopping in from the Mixer.)


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