Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BUMPdate 19 weeks!


Here we are! One week shy of five months...HALFWAY! Or more than halfway if Harper comes early like both of her brothers have...I would have no complaints as long as she stays in until 37 weeks!

I'm feeling pretty good my only complaint would be these contractions I'm having. I had one day this week where I had very little maybe no contractions for the entire day and it was heavenly! I didn't realize how stressful and worrisome they were until I had a whole day free, it was such a relief! I wasn't constantly thinking "Am I doing too much?" "Should I just lay down?" "At what point do I call the doctor?"....I just really want Harper to be safe and healthy.

I'm still on my cheeseburger and fries kick, Wendy's to be more specific. Let's just say I almost screamed with excitement when I got a sheet of Wendy's coupons in the mail earlier this week! I have no idea how much weight I've gained since my last appointment and maybe I should keep it that way. :)

Carter can be the sweetest brother by kissing my belly and the next minute he's beating it and giggling. Silly boy...

Sleeping is getting a little more uncomfortable but not to the point where I'm losing sleep just yet. Rolling over from one side to the other requires quite a bit more effort. Kaleb calls it a "10 point turn" which is pretty accurate! I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees cause it's so darn comfortable! I kept catching Kaleb stealing my pillow throughout the night and finally got him to admit that it's pretty much amazing and now he sleeps with his own pillow between his knees. I think it's funny and I giggle every morning when I'm making the bed and have to pull two pillows from beneath the covers. This pregnancy he's totally had sympathy aches, pains, and cravings. He's been more tired and hungry and he actually craves particular foods...this is so not like him!

So I have this gets worse every pregnancy and it gets REALLY bad once I have a watermelon sized belly....I tend to wet my pants kind of a lot. At this point it's really only when I sneeze but later on if I start laughing uncontrollably other things get uncontrollable too....yikes! Just one of the joys of pregnancy!

I'm already starting to run out of shirts that cover my belly. I'm slowly losing shirts one by one, I may need to go out and shop for some longer ones very soon! I really do love that my belly is getting bigger because it really helps with having peace of mind that Harper is growing and getting bigger....



  1. Caleb was stealing my pillow too and we also now have 2 under the covers!!! :)

  2. How are you this gorgeous?? Three babies in a really short period of time and you're still so tiny and cute, girl! :) Love the name Harper too!

  3. You look great! Also, it's not a permanent help, but panty liners are a must when pregnant (at least until you're full on wetting your pants...then, who knows?).


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