Monday, November 19, 2012

A Very Random Picture Update

So I have fallen very behind on my weekly recaps! I've been super busy taking care of my boys, cleaning my house, making headbands for my shop, and whatever else comes up in between all of those... here is an incredibly unorganized, not even in order, photo dump!

Oliver lounging in my bed, lookin all cute!

Carter, my lunch date.

Oliver thoroughly enjoyed this Captain Jack hat at the craft store.

Saturday morning pancake breakfast!

We found Carter one morning butt naked. The stinker had ripped his diaper off and threw it across the room. Thankfully no messes were left behind!

Oliver scored a Captain Jack tank at the thrift store and was very proud to wear it!

Breakfast for lunch at Papa's house!

A little wagon ride to the park. Carter loved it and is obviously in lala land back there!

I opened my ETSY shop!!

My brother took the boys to the park, which is right around the corner from my parents house, and let the boys play while snapping some adorable pictures!

Papa took us out for dessert one day after lunch. We got a Hershey's pie!

Oliver looking ridiculously cute on the potty. I couldn't resist.

Kaleb took us out on a family date. Wendy's is what's for dinner! We were excited about it...

Oliver is very excited about this backpack...he already wants to go to school! *tear*

We bought the boys the movie "Brave" and let them eat ring pops while staying up late to watch it!

Carter heard an airplane and had to investigate!

I hope to get back on track with these Weekly Recaps! For now I hope this'll's all I got :)


  1. oh my goodness, you are lucky there weren't any messes with that naked baby sans diaper! :)

  2. i love all these photos of your life! thank you for sharing them with us! i'm thrilled to be your newest follower. :)

    much love and many blessings.


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