Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Monday Thru Friday

June 24-28, 2013

What better way to start out the week? Classic Carter entertainment. 

Thankfully I'm not alone in this house of boys anymore. I can always count on Harp to balance out the stinky boys. Seriously? She's pretty...

We were at Papa's house a lot this week to escape the heat a bit. 

Definitely enjoyed some frapps with my sister, Kenzie!

Enjoyed these sweet chubby baby legs!

We went to mcd's to play on the playground which ended up not bring air conditioned...awesome. But Harp was still well entertained with watching her brothers go crazy!

Oliver played "pirate ship" and informed me that he was "dressed up". Not much to the costume but it's still pretty cute!

Lots of cold ice cream was consumed this week! Did I mention that it was hot? Yikes...

This sweet girl sat out to watch her brothers run jump and play. She really can't wait to start moving! 

I opened up my etsy shop!!! Check it out here !!!

Girl after Mamas own heart....

We literally ate cantaloupe for dinner one night this week...every other night was cold cereal because it was way too hot to cook! No shame...

Harp and I enjoyed laying on a blanket in the grass since warm evenings are hard to come by around here! 

This is Carter playing outside and blowing off some energy! They have more than I do FOR SURE!

My Dad brought us home some donuts from our new favorite donut shop! This one was Nutella filled!!! So good!

We had to get out of our hot house since it only got warmer by the end of the week...

My sweet friend Kat invited us over to cool off and let the kids play! It was so much fun and got the kids nice and ready for nap time! 

Hope everyone else had a good week and didn't melt in the summer heat!

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