Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meeting Baby Sawyer

The kids had been anticipating Sawyer's arrival since we found out that I was pregnant and absolutely could not wait to meet him. They would ask me every time I came back from a doctor's appointment if the doctor had gotten baby Sawyer out of my belly yet. When I would reply with "No, not yet! He's not big enough yet." they would reply with "Ughhhhh. I want baby Sawyer out now!". I knew the boys would do really well with him and would have no hesitation with loving and adoring him as the new part of our family but Harper on the other hand, I was definitely worried about how she'd handle it. She has always been very much a Mama's girl and would only prefer my love and attention for most of the time. I thought she'd have a really hard time being away from me while I was in the hospital and have an even harder time sharing me with the new little baby that would most certainly demand most of my attention 24/7. She completely surprised me by having no problem with either of those things. She didn't even cry when she came to visit me at the hospital and had to leave without me, she just smiled and waved "bye" as her Grandma Baker carried her out. At home she's completely independent, walking around playing toys, and always stops to say "hi" to her baby brother and calls him "baybay".

As soon as we got home from the hospital the kids swarmed around his seat. We could hardly get in the door because they were so excited to see him.

Oliver was so incredibly sweet! He was beaming from ear to ear and kept covering his mouth trying to hide his huge smile. I asked "are you happy?" and with a face I will never forget he replied "YES!" and I said "You don't have to hide your smile, I love that you're so happy." and he continued to sit beaming with joy with his new baby brother.

Carter would touch and kiss the baby all day long if I let him. He's always asking to hold him and has been so caring and loving so far. We currently have Sawyer in a bassinet right next to our bed and one morning I opened my eyes to see Carter very gently rocking him in the bassinet because the baby had started to fuss. He successfully put Sawyer back to sleep because he knew I was tired and trying to get some rest. It was so very sweet!

Harper is quite the little Mama to her new baby! She adores him and he's the first thing she asks for when she wakes up in the morning or from nap. She calls him "my baby" and is always wanting to cuddle up close to him and can never get enough. Her new thing is to walk right up to him, bend down, and say "hiiiiiiii" in the cutest baby voice as she waves her hand in front of his face.

I can't get over how much my four love each other and I hope that never changes. They sincerely enjoy being together and they couldn't have been happier to add another sibling to the family. These moments make every stressful hard moment well worth it.

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