Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blue Eyes

July 27, 2011

Oliver, you are one of my bestest little buddies. You are at such a fun age.
This morning at breakfast we were sitting together eating our peanut butter english muffins and you held up your food and told me "Mama make!" It made me smile. You are a very observant little boy, and your brain is a little sponge that sucks up anything and everything! Last night at dinner you pointed to your eyeball and said "blue eyes!". We still don't know how you learned that, but we were very impressed. 
Since we got back from Oklahoma we've been sitting next to your crib at night reading a couple of chapters out of the Bible and playing old country hymns on Daddy's phone. You love it. You love when I rub you while you doze off. You say "Mama, uboo pease!" The last few nights you've only wanted me to rub you and get very upset if I'm busy feeding Carter and make you wait. Daddy's rubs just don't do anymore I guess :)

Carter, you just turned five months old a few days ago but you are already close to crawling!
You definitely have the army crawl down and have been using it to get around the living room to find your way to the toy basket. You are definitely a go getter and probably feel the need to keep up with you brother! I think you are going to be crawling at full force here in the next few weeks. You like to watch your brother run around like a crazy boy playing throughout the house. It seems like your trying to take it all in and learn a few things. I'm sure you guys will be getting into trouble together in no time.

We have been really enjoying the pool lately! We go a few times a week, and the weather has been perfect for it! Oliver, Papa brought over an inflatable boat for you to ride in and you absolutely love it. It has a steering wheel and everything. 

We even got you guys matching swimsuits... it's pretty cute!

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