Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Pirate Song

July 30, 2011

The past couple of days you absolutely cannot get enough of the yo-ho yo-ho pirate song. We found a video online that you make me play over and over again. Not only are you absolutely obsessed with this song, but you have to also be wearing my green hat and holding your "ching ching". As soon as the song finishes you look over and say "pirate song pease!" every single time. You even figured out how to push play on the keyboard and thought that was really great! I love seeing you discover things that you absolutely adore and it makes me so happy to see you happy.

Carter, we discovered your first tooth popping through today! You have the start of a bottom tooth! I cannot believe how fast you're growing up. You are completely opposite of your brother at this point, but that is exactly what we expected from you. :) You are extremely close to crawling, you get better and better everyday. You and your brother have started to interact a little more and it makes my heart melt. You two bring so much joy to our lives. So glad that God blessed us with you.

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