Friday, July 22, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

May 10, 2011

We were able to take a trip to Disneyland last Thursday and Friday thanks to my Mama! It is officially one of Oliver's favorite places to visit. If any of you know Mr. Oliver's personality, you'll know that this little boy is not the most social and smiley kid around. He's very serious and observant most of the time, but take this kid to d-land and prepare to meet the happiest kid on earth. He was full of smiles and giggles and personality, it was so great!

The first day we went to the Disneyland side of the park where Oliver got to ride several rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the carrousel, the Jungle Cruise, Snow White, etc. I was thoroughly impressed on Pirates when we came up to the first part of the ride and he exclaimed "tunnel!". I didn't even know that he knew what that was, but sure enough there was a tunnel straight ahead! His tiny little brain never ceases to amaze me let me tell you! We ate at this great place that serves all you can eat bbq chicken, ribs, beans, and cornbread! It was so yummy. Right after lunch we headed over to the petting zoo where they had goats galore. Oliver was let loose in the goat pen and he started shrieking with excitement. That boy loves animals, especially the ones he can pet. We had to celebrate his first time at Disneyland with some souvenirs, so we started out with a Mickey hat to protect his blonde little head from the sun. The first toy store he went into had a bunch of the Disney characters in baby form wrapped in soft little blankets, he immediately started yelling "baby! baby!" and grabbing as many as he could! From then on every store he went in had them and that was the first thing he would go for every time. So of course, naturally right? Nana had to buy him one! She also bought him his first sword that he calls his "ching ching" because that's the noise a sword makes when you're sword fighting. He was so well behaved, but when he finally got tired we were stepping off of the carousel and he just laid his head down on my shoulder and fell right asleep. He was such a good boy!
Day two we headed over to California Adventure after a little pit stop at IHOP for some pancakes of course! We went straight to the Monsters Inc. ride and Oliver rode around probably six different times and didn't get sick of it once. We found Oliver's favorite part of the entire park in A Bug's World. They had a little water fountain area with the sole purpose of little kids running through it and getting wet. Oliver had SO MUCH FUN!!! Different water patterns would shoot up from the ground and Oliver managed to barely miss every single spout of water for a good fifteen minutes, until he finally got an entire stream of water directly on the top of his head. It was so funny! He just smiled and ran away happy as a clam. We got it all on video :)

We rode a few more rides but there wasn't much more for Oliver on that side of the park so we hopped back over to Disneyland and enjoyed the rest of the day there. We ended the day by upgrading our four day hopper passes to season passes so that we could go again later this year. I already can't wait to take Oliver back! I thought Disneyland was fun when I was little, but taking my kids makes it even better!
I am so grateful to my parents who took us because without their generosity we wouldn't have been able to go and Oliver wouldn't have had his first Disneyland experience!

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