Friday, July 22, 2011

May 27, 2011

Today at breakfast Oliver reached out pinched my nose twice and said "Honk Honk!". It was so cute and after he just giggles at himself. I LOVE THAT BOY! He's a little rascal though... first off, last night he had a bad dream and woke up screaming at midnight... normally if I leave him he'll go back to sleep, but this time he started calling our names and the screaming didn't decrease in volume at all so I went in and picked him up. I laid him in our bed and told him to go to sleep. He tried but has a really hard time sleeping with other people so he just wiggled and kicked for a long time. Kaleb got up to take Oliver back to his room, as soon as he put Oliver in his crib he started to cry and then yells "Mama, Dada night night!" basically saying that he wanted to sleep with us... THE BOY IS STARTING TO COMMUNICATE! That is pretty darn close to a sentence... so weird to hear coming from my baby Oliver. After that Kaleb said "no no Oliver you need to lay down and go to sleep." so what does Oliver do? he yells "MAMA!!!!" haha. I came in and he was still adamant about sleeping with us, so I brought him back to our room for a couple of hours. So after a night of little sleep we get up in the morning and while I'm making my morning cup of joe Oliver decides that it would be a good idea to pour an entire water bottle all over our bed and my laptop...seriously??? It is a miracle that my laptop is completely fine and no damage was done! Come on son I just needed a cup of coffee!! After, we enjoyed some english muffins with nutella which Oliver refers to as "donut", apparently it's that good! We're very excited that it's Friday and that Daddy has a three day weekend! Hooray!

Auntie Kenzie drew this for Oliver and it is now proudly displayed on our fridge. It says "To my baby Oliver From Auntie Kenzie I love you!!!" She's so sweet to him and she's such a good aunt! Oliver is so blessed. I'm blessed!! She helps me out so much with the boys! She drew the owl for him because it's one of his favorite things ever!

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