Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Highlights

May 30, 2011

I'll start with Friday...
We met Daddy at work for lunch and Oliver had his first hamburger. Let's just say he liked it (fyi he ate the whole thing). We hung out at Papa's house for the rest of the day until Daddy got home from work. That night we decided to go see Pirates 4 at the drive in with the Way and Mugg families. It was really fun, there were a lot of us! Pizza, soda, donuts, candy, chips all kinds of yummy goodness! Oliver was sitting in a different car than I was so when I went to check on him he had pizza and donut smeared all over his face! Silly boy...during the movie there was a scene where there was sword fighting and Oliver sat there saying "Ching-ching-ching!!!", hilarious!
Saturday! We started the day off with a walk to Target for some bananas and the donut store for our Saturday morning tradition! It was pretty nice out, just a little windy. In the afternoon we ended up going to Solvang with my family and we had a really good time. We got ice cream, coffee, walked around to all of the little shops and enjoyed each other's company. :) At dinner our food came to the table and Oliver immediately bowed his head (while peeking) and folded his hands by his mouth. At first we thought he was making a silly face/glaring at Bethany, but then he looked up with a smile on his face and said "pray! pray!". It was so sweet! He knew that before we eat our food we pray to Jesus! I love how intelligent that boy is. Oliver's word for the day was "dinosaur" he said it very clearly to Kaleb while they were playing out in Papa's garage!
Sunday! We went to church in the morning and then stopped by the mall for lunch and a trip to the pet store in the afternoon. My Dad got Bethany a pair of finches, which Oliver loves to sit and watch. He likes to stick his fingers in the cage and say "tweet tweet!". Kylie had bought a cage a couple of weeks ago for them, but we discovered today that the bars are spread too far apart. The first finch flew right out and started flying around the living room at my parents house. Everyone was screaming and laughing, which led to both babies getting scared and crying! It was chaotic, but really funny. Tonight was by far my favorite time with Oliver this weekend. He followed me around playing with different things while I was cleaning up around the house. I let him play with the broom and dustpan just for fun, and he pretended to sweep and then proceeded to the kitchen, opened up the trashcan, dumped the dustpan, and walked away just like I do it! Soooo cute! I said "Aw Oliver your so sweet!" and gave him a hug... he laid his head on my shoulder and said "Mama!" in the cutest voice I've ever heard. He melts my heart! Him and I sat at the table and ate PB&J sandwiches and tickled his tootsies. It was such a great, relaxing night! Oh, we also played shadow puppets! Oliver loved it...

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