Friday, July 22, 2011

Oliver: 18 months & Carter: 5 months

July 22, 2011

Oliver: Eighteen months on July 19th

Son, you are so much fun to be with everyday! You talk so much already and in just
the last couple of weeks we have really started to see your incredible
little imagination start to come out. 
We joke that you're a baby genius because of the incredible things that you know or say.
You absolutely love animals, firetrucks, hats (currently obsessed with Dad's bike helmet), and
we've been listening to the "Pirate song" over and over again whenever we're in the car.
You've even been singing along, which is the cutest thing ever.
Your a great big brother to baby Carter and love him so much already. You call him "Tarter Sauce"
and even almost accidentally squished him yesterday while trying to give him a hug.
Don't worry, he was fine. :)
I love you more and more everyday, and I absolutely love watching you grow up...
**Even though I wish I could keep you little forever!**

Carter: Five months old on July 23rd

Carter boy, you are growing like a weed!
I can't believe you're already five months old. You're growing up way too fast.
You have been getting up on your hands and knees acting like you're getting ready to crawl.
I can't even believe it! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it very soon. You do scoot around
the living room pretty good and have been able to roll both ways recently.
You love pulling all the blankets over your face, and even know how to make your
toy monkey hanging on your stroller jitter. You could sit there for an hour pulling it over and over.
We're still impressed that you figured that out. :)
You are a very smiley boy and we've even managed to get you giggling quite a few times.
You're going to be a tough little guy thanks to your big brother.
We love you so much and can't believe you've been with us for five whole months!
We can't imagine life without you.

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