Friday, July 22, 2011

Th Th Th Thursday

May 13, 2011

Today was so much fun that Oliver didn't even want to take his naps. Oliver boy loves his naps! But apparently he loves Papa even more because he got to hang out with Papa (he's been asking for him all week!) and didn't want to leave! He even made Papa take him to go pick up all of his Aunties from school. 
We spent most of the day at Nana and Papa's house with a little bit of hang out time at Starbucks. Once Daddy got home from work we came back played a little and ate some dinner. Oliver downed a ton of broccoli because apparently he loves it (i'm not complaining!) and then we headed over to the Way's house to hang out with our peeps Zach, Hanna, Zailey, and Kari. Oliver loves going over there and exploring, going outside, eating, and playing with little Wentworth the kitty. Oliver impressed the crowd by saying "Hanna" and "Zailey" super cute! And he ate tons of pineapple that he calls "apple". I love that boy. 
Oliver and I played a new game today with his little piggy toes. I say "This little piggy..." for each toe and then tickle him at the end and he laughs and then says "pease! pease!" so that I'll do it again. We probably played thirty times in a row, but he loved it. The best part was him trying to do it himself and he would copy the voice I was making and use his own words while pointing to each of his toes. It was fun for the both of us :)
He also discovered his shadow today... so funny! He LOVES flashlights (he can even say "flashlight"--one of his impressive words)! So today I decided to show him shadow puppets. His favorite was "bunny foo foo" I would make the hand motions and sing the song and he just couldn't get enough! He would copy me and it was the cutest. So after playing that for awhile I shined the flashlight on him and said "Oliver look at the wall". Once he saw his shadow he started waving, dancing, and wiggling his head all around. It was precious, I wish I would have gotten a video of it! 
We're excited that tomorrow is Friday because that means it's almost the weekend and that Daddy will be home! Yay! Now off to bed....

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