Friday, July 22, 2011

A Tuesday Spent Completely At Home

May 11, 2011
Today we stayed in ALL day long. Normally I would get a little cabin fever and need to get out for at least a walk, but I'm still recovering from our Disneyland trip and haven't quite caught up on my sleep! I was going to take the boys for a run but was far too lazy. I got up this morning fed Carter and proceeded to get Oliver up and fed. Immediately after breakfast he insists on playing toys. He says "pay pay. pease!". So I let him down and he destroys the living room scattering toys and cheerios all over the living room. :) I love it, truly. It makes me so happy that he enjoys being home and playing with his toys. I have no problem cleaning everything up a few times a day for him to enjoy it the next time and rummage through his toy basket. Today was the first day that I laid Carter down in the middle of the floor on a blanket and he absolutely LOVED it! He was a happy camper to be with us just hanging out, but probably because he wasn't aware of the danger he was in! Oliver is a little toddler who has no sense of "if I step too close I might hurt Carter" or "if I drop my gun on brother's head it might kill him!". So the entire time I was Carter's bodyguard while Oliver toddled around showing his brother different toys and poking Carter's nose and eyes naming each body part. Even though it was way more work than just laying Carter in his crib where I didn't have to sit and watch him constantly it was way more fun! I love having them both with me so that I can enjoy each one at the same time! Carter is starting to stay awake a lot more during the day so having him lay on the floor and "coo" and smile is a lot of fun. While Oliver was sitting in the living room today playing toys he heard an airplane flying over our house and looks up at me and says "airplane!". I am impressed that he knows just by the sound that there is an airplane outside. His ability to communicate is pretty impressive also. He's able to tell me when he needs something or when he's hungry or when he's tired. It really cuts down on the whining. Hallelujah!

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