Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Weekends Are Never Long Enough

July 31, 2011

Boys, we love spending the weekends together as a family. Oliver you absolutely love having Daddy home all day long. On Saturday we walked to get some coffee and donuts. Donuts are one of your favorite things. You rode around with your "ching ching" and my green hat. We also walked to the toy store, but you and your brother were asleep the entire time!

We spent Sunday afternoon at Nana and Papa's house. Carter, you had a great time bouncing around in the jumper. Standing upright is one thing you love and being able to bounce around made it even better. We celebrated Great Grandpa Hines birthday with cake and had a good time with family. Oliver, you sat with Uncle Ty Ty and had a great time playing the guitar and banjo. He's going to teach you how to play someday, you've already expressed such an interest in especially. We can't wait to get you one someday...

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