Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too Many Cute Pictures

August 2, 2011

Carter, you take so many cute pictures! It's hard to take a bad picture when you're so smiley all the time. I absolutely love it. You get so excited and start wiggling all around which makes for some blurry pictures, but your always smiling! You melt my heart...

Oliver, you insisted on wearing only one shoe around the house all day yesterday along with my green hat and your "ching ching" of course. The pirate song is still your current obsession, I think we listened to it 1,000 more times today, and that was with me limiting the number of times it was played!

You thought it would be funny to fake cry so I had to snap a picture of it. :) We played the "Cars" movie for you for the first time last night and you loved it. You got up first thing this morning and asked me to turn it on for you. "Tow Tow" is your favorite character. 

Carter, you've been crawling all over the living room exploring all of the different toys and you absolutely love when we leave a pair of tennis shoes on the floor. You can't get to them fast enough and you squeal with excitement. Oliver, today the neighbors cat came up to hang out on our patio and you couldn't get enough of her. You sat there pointing and smiling and she would come right up to the glass rubbing her face all over trying to play with you. We love that you enjoy other people's pets! :)


  1. This post melts my heart. I love your boys so much! I can't even imagine how grown up they will be in December.

  2. SO crazy that Carter will be just a couple months shy of 1 year old when you get back!!! What the heck???


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