Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Weekend

August 14, 2011

Friday night: Daddy's home!!
Daddy was gone all week for work and we missed him a lot! He was in Minnesota and we couldn't wait for him to be home. Friday night we went to pizza with Nana and Papa and then headed home to get things ready for Dad to get home. You boys went to bed because he wasn't getting home until really late.  Saturday morning was great because you woke up to Daddy getting you out of your cribs. :)

Saturday: Family Walk

We went out for our little walk on Saturday, one of the things we missed the most while Daddy was gone. It was very fun and refreshing to walk to Starbucks and a couple of stores as a family again. There was lots of Daddy cuddles all day long.

Aunt Kari caught a frog for Aunt Beth to keep as a pet, but Oliver you got to enjoy it until we took it over to her house. You loved it. Sunday we went to church, had lunch at Nana and Papa's house and spent the afternoon over there with the family, that night Mom and Dad went out for a date and you boys got to spend some time with Nana, Papa, Uncle Ty Ty and all of your Aunties. We met you at Target after and Oliver you kept saying "Ew girls!" making your scrunchy nose face over and over again. Super cute! You also found a "Cars" tricycle that you loved riding around the store!

Our date to the Olive Garden was delicious!! Lasagna, parmesan bread, soup, alfredo, chicken parmegana, and CHOCOLATE CAKE! YUM! We had fun together....

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