Sunday, September 18, 2011

Growing Up Too Fast

September 18, 2011

You boys are growing way too fast! I'm just not ready for it...

Oliver, your vocabulary is amazing! You've been putting together more and more sentences and communicating what you like, what you see, or what you want so much better! We're amazed at some of the things you've been saying lately. You can tell us a little story in a bunch of short sentences, it's so fun to listen to. You are still completely obsessed with the "pirate song" and have been carrying your ching ching and pew pew (your gun) around everywhere. You insist on having both weapons and your pirate hat while you listen to the song every time. You've been pretty into the Pirates of the Caribbean movie lately too. If I try to listen to anything but the pirate song on my computer you say "I don't like it! Pirate song!". It's too cute to deny so of course, pirate song it is!

Carter, you are definitely growing like a weed these days. You are crawling all over the house and your even pulling up on things and trying to stand on your own without holding onto anything. You may be walking sooner than we're ready for. You do sit and watch your brother run all around playing, and you always have a smile on your face. We can tell that you love him very much already. You taught yourself how to sit up this last month and you're starting to figure out how to take steps while holding onto a piece of furniture so that you can get into things. :)

You boys are so sweet and I love you with all of my heart. I am so blessed to be your Mama and to get to stay home with you every single day to take care of you. That makes your Daddy a pretty great guy because he works really hard to let me do that. :) We love you boys.

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