Friday, September 2, 2011

Oliver: 19 months and Carter: 6 months

Second half of August catch up:

I'm a little late with this update, but better late than never!

Oliver, you are talking so much these days. You are starting to say more and more sentences and have figured out that when we say "you", you change it to "I" when you repeat us. For example: us..."Oliver, you're crazy!" you...."I crazy!". It is super cute. It gives us an idea of how much you're understanding and learning and we are amazed on a daily basis at how smart you are. You are still currently obsessed with "Pirates", you are always singing the song, carrying your "ching ching", and wearing your pirate hat. We have the song on repeat playing in the car. We also watch the movie "Cars" on a daily basis (actually several times a day) you can't seem to get enough of it! You also like to laugh and repeat some of the lines that you think are funny. You and your brother are starting to interact a bit more and it melts my heart! So cute...

Carter, you are moving around so much it's crazy! You have been army crawling since you were four months old and started really crawling when you were five months. Now that we're at six months you're pulling yourself up into the standing positing when holding onto something and bear crawling all around. We think you'll be walking very soon! You recently taught yourself how to sit up, and you're playing with toys more and more. I think you're learning quite a bit from watching your older brother, you've started playing with cars just like he does. I'm sure these are the first of many things you will be emulating. You are such a smiley, happy boy. You always bring so much joy to us!

We love you both so much! Such fond memories of you both growing up so far and can't wait to make many many more! Our hearts are overflowing with love...

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  1. I absolutely love reading your blog, I miss those boys so much!! I am going to love on them when I get home, even if they have forgotten about me.. wait.. that is sad. You should probably show them pictures of Aunt Brittany so they remember me:):)


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