Monday, October 24, 2011

Carter Lee Is Eight Months Old!

October 23, 2011

Carter, you are such a smiley happy baby! You've only been here for eight months, but we feel like you've always been a part of our family. At the same time the last eight months have gone by so fast! We feel like we just found out that you were joining our family. This last month you started saying "Dada" and "Mama". We've noticed that you're understanding things that we say much more. You know what it means when we say "do you want to eat?" you get really excited... and you know people by name now. If we say someones name you will look straight at them with a smile on your face. You are crawling all over the house exploring, it's hard to keep you in just one room. You crawl quite fast and will sometimes do a funny bear crawl where you get up on your hands and feet. You are a pro at pulling up and standing and also getting back down. You've started to try and stand on your own, you don't do it very often but the few times that you have you're pretty good at it.

You love animals! You like to crawl over to our bird cage and watch our finches hop around. We took you boys to the pet store yesterday and you were talking and smiling at the birds and fishies. We've noticed lately that you like loud noises, which is completely opposite of your preference as a newborn. You would cry at any noise louder than someone talking. Lately you just start yelling and talking as loud as you can when something comes on like the blender or the bathtub or loud worship music at church....things like that. It's really cute.

You are growing up too fast, but we are so blessed and grateful that God added you to our family. We love you dearly and love to watch you grow and learn. We pray for you and brother everyday that God will give you both the faith to trust Him as you get older. We love you so much!

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