Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

October 15, 2011

We decided to make a family tradition out of going to get pumpkins at the Avila Valley Barn. This year was our first time going and we knew that you would be so excited to go, Oliver. We knew they had goats and other animals, which you are a huge fan of. We got up and out of the house earlier than normal because we were so excited to take you boys. We drove up there and made our first stop at the goat pen...

You squealed with excitement when you saw the goats!

Dad bought some lettuce for you to feed them. You loved it!

They had quite a few different animals there also, we took our time visiting with each one...

The cow came up and licked your hand. You thought that was pretty great.

This is you and Dad visiting the sheep.

You found a "ching ching".

And you absolutely loved this scarecrow or "man" as you were calling it.

We sat down for some root beer and ice cream...

And Carter just enjoyed being held and cuddled the entire time...

Always being cute!

After spending a couple of hours there we decided to drive up to San Luis to spend the rest of the afternoon together. We got there and went to the book store. Oliver, you love the book store! As soon as you saw it you were begging to go in. I wore you on my back for the first time (and I loved it!). You seemed to really enjoy it. You even fell asleep back there on our way to have lunch. You're not a cuddly boy so I'll take what I can get from you. :)

I loved having you both so close. :) Mama's boys.

We ate at Woodstock's Pizza...SO GOOD! Both of you slept through most of it though.

It was one of the best weekends we've had as a family. Lots of memories were made!

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