Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall is here and so far it's been wonderful!

November 12, 2011

I am very behind on our recent happenings! We all got really sick a couple of weeks ago which took us over a week to get over completely and we've had family in town for the last week! Much has happened that I need to catch up on!

First we'll start with a couple of pictures of Oliver by the creek in SLO....

            We had Aunt Kelly and Uncle Chris visiting us from Haiti with all of the Lieb cousins so we
             decided to spend our first day with them up in San Luis! We had lunch, went to the
             bookstore, and walked around enjoying each other's company...

Oliver, this was the first time we have taken you down to see the creek and we knew you would love it! It's nothing fancy, there are no ducks or fish or anything else. You were simply thrilled to see the water!

I absolutely love introducing you to new places and watching you experience things for the first time. Especially when you get really excited about it.

Next we spent a day in Avila.....

We walked The Bob Jones Trail to get there.

Carter loved cuddling with his cousin Bri the whole time. He just kicked back and relaxed and enjoyed being outdoors.

Oliver got to play on the playground with all of his cousins, which he loved.

He found a pirate ship to play on and instantly took on the part.

This was Carter's first time playing in the sand and he loved it!

Oliver had fun being crazy and running around getting dirty.

He really got into throwing mud and storing it in the top of his hat.

And he decided that he wasn't quite getting dirty enough, so he would just lay down and roll around in the sand. 

Carter stayed very entertained for awhile trying to eat seaweed and rocks.

And would just enjoy running his fingers through the sand...

The next day we headed back to Avila to visit the pumpkin patch....

      After a picnic lunch we headed out to explore Avila Barn...

The cousins looking at all of the animals...

Bri and Carter loved cuddling together.

This cow had a really long tongue and all of the kids got a kick out of feeding it. Carter was also pretty impressed!

Elizabeth loved getting all of the goats lined up begging for food. It was hilarious.

Oliver and the goat doing a little bit of bonding.

We sat the boys on this bench to get some cute pictures, but getting them both to look and smile and cooperate was not easy. This is as good as we could get out of them.

But they're still cute :)

And Oliver got bored pretty quick...

Oliver loved climbing all over the piles of pumpkins that were out.

I couldn't even get him to leave for ice cream, all he wanted to do was play on the pumpkins!

We've had such a fun week with family and sadly they left this morning to head to Hawaii for a month! We are a little jealous of them for that... We're really looking forward to the rest of November to celebrate Thanksgiving and all of the fun that fall brings!

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