Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little Visit With Some Mini Donkeys

November 12, 2011

On Saturday we decided to head out to a little petting zoo in Los Olivos with Nana, Papa, and family. It was a great time for all, Oliver and Carter especially. These donkeys were so friendly! They would all gather around us begging for some attention. Oliver, you enjoyed running around and rolling in the dirt (and probably some donkey poo). Typical boy. Along with the donkeys there was a pig, a goat, lots of chickens, and a tortoise that will supposedly live to be 150 years old...that's pretty awesome!

Oliver looking very happy to be hanging out with some donkeys.

This was Oliver's two week old donkey friend. They loved each other.

It would follow him around and at one point actually playfully chased him because he wasn't paying enough attention to it. Super cute.

Right by his side.

Enjoying the donkeys with Dad.

After we were done at the petting zoo we headed into Solvang to walk around and get coffee.

Just hanging out with the scarecrow. We're not weird.

Oliver enjoyed being a cowboy at the shoe store. 

It was a great Saturday afternoon and we plan on visiting there again soon. They guy who was running the donkey farm said that they normally have donkey rides, and the person who normally does it should be back the next time we come. We plan on taking the boys back very soon.

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