Monday, February 27, 2012

The Birthday Party

February 24, 2012

Oliver loves going in to your room Carter when we know you're awake. On your birthday we walked in singing "Happy Birthday" and you absolutely loved it! Big smiles and hands clapping, pure joy.

We chose a "Car" theme for your birthday because of how much you love them. When you saw the cupcakes I made for you, you were so excited! Exactly what I was going for....

We celebrated with family and really enjoyed watching you figure out what to do with your cake! You stuck your finger in first to taste it, decided you liked it so you attacked it with your mouth, and proceeded to slap it a couple of times. Hilarious!

You loved the pack of balloons that we blew up for you. The only thing is you love to pinch and bite them which means they didn't last very long. :)

You were spoiled with gifts and were actually very interested in opening all of them and playing. Brother helped you open them of course, and definitely reaps the benefits of your toy stash.

Brother also enjoyed your birthday cupcakes :)

This is the first family picture we've taken in far too long!

The party was so much fun. We loved celebrating your first year of life with our awesome family! You were spoiled with cake, gifts, and lots of love. I hope your second year of life is just as amazing as the first!

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