Monday, February 27, 2012

Carter Baby Turns ONE

February 23, 2012

Carter, Tarty, Cartamous, Carter Sauce, Squirt, and cutest baby in the whole world...(ok I made that last one up but that's just my personal opinion :) ) Year one of your precious little life has flown by at light speed. We thank God everyday for the blessing of a second little boy in our family. Your cute little dimply smile and those big multi colored eyes light up the room. You bring so much joy. You completely admire your older brother and try to imitate him daily. You get a kick out of any sort of affection you can get from him, it's very sweet. You're my cuddly boy and I can't get enough of your hugs and kisses! Please stay that way (even until your 40 cause I'll still cuddle with that weird?? ok anyways) it's one of my favorite things about you.

You are a wiggly active little boy that loves to climb anything and everything. Your Daddy thinks you may end up being our "ER kid" that gets hurt all of the time from climbing and running everywhere. I hope not, that would break your Mama's heart! In the picture above I was cooking dinner and turned around to see that you had climbed up into the washing machine just absolutely tickled at your accomplishment.

You love cars, animals, and playing with balls. Those are just a few of your absolute favorite things. When you're in the playroom playing with all of your toy cars you'll push them around on the ground and make car noises. You figured out how to do that awhile ago, I'm guessing from watching your older brother play. Aunt Beth has a guinea pig (Bella), a dog (Cooper-aka Poopy Coopy), and two parakeets (Buddy and Sunday) and you love every single one of them. You giggle when she lets one of the birds sit on your shoulder and you try to bark when you see Cooper. So fun to see you develop an interest in things like that.

Keep growing up strong and healthy. Mama and Daddy pray for you everyday that you continue to grown big and strong, keep your health, and that He would give you the faith to believe Him as you grow older. We want nothing more for you! I love you precious boy, slow down just a little on growing up though. :)

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