Monday, February 20, 2012

Our First Chuck E Cheese Adventure

February 10, 2012

Chuck E Cheese is probably the next best thing to Disneyland as far as Oliver is concerned. I can't believe how much fun both of you had there. Oliver has been asking to go back ever since!

Oliver, we were able to get you some tokens so that you could play games and ride some of the little kiddy rides they had there. You figured out how to put the tokens in all by yourself and the Barney train ended up being your favorite! You probably spent a good half of your tokens on just that one meaning, you probably rode it eighteen times!

You don't look too thrilled in any of the pictures because you were very tired, but you had a blast trust me! :)

You liked riding the horse pretty well too, but after a few rides in a row you were back to the Barney train!

You played a few games but didn't get enough tickets to really get any prizes so we saved them for next time! Maybe after a few visits we'll have enough for something good! :)

You called this ride the "scary one". Don't let that title fool you though, you love "scary" things! 

Carter you really enjoyed sitting and climbing all over the little rides! We got one of them going one time and you were really confused as to why it was all of a sudden moving. Your face was priceless! You enjoyed the pizza and soda way more than your brother who was way too focused on getting up and playing instead of eating. Understandable. I think it's safe to say that you equally enjoyed your Chuck E Cheese experience!

This face is just pure joy! I absolutely love your smile little boy!

This face! It wasn't that you were upset, you were just being silly!

And you really enjoyed "playing' the games.

We will definitely be going back soon. It was a great time as a family and we love watching you both enjoy something so much. Since Disneyland is quite a bit more expensive I guess this will do for now. :)

Could you boys be any cuter? I think not...

This was the best we could get as far as a family picture!

Oliver ducked at the last minute and Carter watched him! It was pretty funny how it turned out.

We love you both and can't wait to take you back very, very soon!!

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  1. Too cute! My kids love CEC...definitely a fun place to go!


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