Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We've Seen Too Many Doctors!

March 6, 2012

The last month we have been to so many doctors it's ridiculous. I feel like we can't catch a break from illness! Carter, you had two separate ear infections, one right after the other. Thankfully we figured out that the milk you were drinking was keeping you too congested and once we switched that out and gave you some strong antibiotics your ears have stayed clear! Later that week Oliver caught a tummy bug that lasted almost through that next week and felt like it was going to last forever. Tummy bugs always feel that way!

At the doctor for his second ear infection :(

Last Thursday started out to be a quiet morning....brother was napping and Oliver was playing with his pirate ships in his room. I sat down to sip some coffee when Oliver came up giggling and said "Mama! I have treasure in my nose!" as proud as can be. My reaction.... "No you didn't!! Let me see your nose!" Sure enough way up there was a tiny little pirate coin... first, I called Nana to see what I should do. I couldn't reach it with tweezers because it was already way up there. She told me to call the doctors office to see what they thought. They told us to come in right away so they could get it out. We went and with a couple of failed attempts he decided that it was too far up into your nose for him to reach. GREAT! He sent us over to a specialist, who had to numb your nose and go up with even longer instruments to retrieve that darn little coin. Eventually it came out and Oliver, you were so good through it all. Don't get me wrong, you learned your lesson, but you were very brave. Nana got you some cookies and a smoothie right after as a treat. You're still talking about the whole experience....you even tell strangers about it. Please, don't do that ever again. I am traumatized from having to hold you down and not being able to comfort you. Broke my heart. And yes, I do realize that was a very minor procedure.....I'm weak when it comes to my babies! My heart breaks easily... :)

At the first doctor's office....

Where's the pirate coin?? Oh right, in your nose!

Second doctor's office with a sticker "eye patch" because remember, you're still a pirate!

Even though it was traumatic it was a good Mommy/Oliver date. We had fun together in between the torture.

Now poor Carter is so very sick...I'm pretty sure he caught it from Oliver being sick the week before. We had to take baby Carter in because he couldn't hold anything down and was screaming with no relief. I was afraid something more serious than a tummy bug was going on so we took him in to get checked out. They gave him some medication which helped with the vomiting, so he was eventually able to eat and drink for a few hours without throwing up. This thankfully kept him from getting dehydrated. They ran a couple of tests to rule anything serious out and decided that he has gastroenteritis. I think he was having really bad tummy cramps, which is why he was screaming. We are so glad that he is okay besides the throwing up, and we are praying that  he is on the mend! Here are some pictures from his very sad day :(

Before any medication....

After medication....MUCH better....

Once you started feeling better Carter, you looked SO STINKIN CUTE sitting on that hospital bed in your little diaper with your cute little buddha belly sticking out while eating your crackers. Seriously....I melted. Plus it was such a relief to see you looking so much better. I hate seeing you sick. 

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