Monday, March 19, 2012

Disneyland Adventures Part One

March 13-15, 2012

We left Tuesday evening for a couple days of venturing through Disneyland. We really enjoyed the drive down because we decided to break it up a bit by stopping at the Ventura Mall for dinner and a little bit of playtime.

Packing up the car to leave...

On the road...

Daddy and Carter, who was a little distracted :)

While we were eating we saw a train chugging through the second floor and decided that we needed to take a ride after we were through with dinner! It was really sweet and both of the boys absolutely loved it.
Train ride...

So much to look at, obviously!

We got back on the road for another hour and a half and eventually made it to our hotel (after maybe getting a little lost).  Once we got checked in and everything unloaded up to our room the boys went crazy with excitement! They both love staying in hotels and were living it up throwing towels everywhere, pulling tissues out of the box, jumping on the couch and coffee table, you name it they were trashing it. Ok, maybe not quite trashing but they were pretty wild! We didn't get everyone to sleep until almost midnight due to the excitement of everything. Oliver started out in bed with us, but we quickly rethought that decision when he wouldn't stop wiggling all over the place. He enjoyed a nice little bed on the floor next to us made out of pillows and blankets. We set Carter's pack-n-play up in the vanity area and he had no problem just laying down and going right to sleep.

We decided the night before that we would let the boys sleep in and get some good rest before heading out for the day, even if that meant not getting to the park right when it opened! It ended up being a good decision because they were both super tired by the end of the day. We got to Disneyland and headed straight for the pirate ride! Oliver was beyond excited when he saw which ride we were walking up to.

Waiting in line...

Listening to the cowboy play the fiddle! He even cracked some pirate jokes and sang the pirate song for Oliver. :)

Daddy and Mama...

After riding the pirate ride a couple of times we headed over to the "Tiki Room" which Oliver had been looking forward to since the last time we went! He's been watching videos on my phone of the entire show for the last couple of months, so he was really excited to be able to watch it live again. 

It didn't take long for the boys to tucker themselves out and take a nap, so while they did that Mama and Daddy sat in the shade and enjoyed some snacks together! It was so relaxing and such a nice little break to keep our day from feeling too hectic.


After the boys woke up we had a picnic lunch together and headed over to ride Small World. Both of the boys thoroughly enjoy this one. They love the music and dance the whole way through. Oliver is always thrilled when he gets to ride in a boat!

We always stop through Frontierland and pet the goats! It's perfect for Oliver because he can walk through and run around a bit, plus he loves petting them! Carter got really excited, but since he's not walking well enough yet he couldn't get down and pet them as much as he wanted to. 

It looks like you're torturing the goat in this one, but you really weren't :)

Love <3

We ended the day with some yummy dinner at the New Orleans Cafe! SO GOOD!! Monte Cristo, crepes, and the best mac n cheese! It was a great way to wrap up Disneyland day one!

You both fell asleep in the stroller on the walk back to the hotel, but once you woke up we decided to head out for a special treat that we don't get very often back home. KRISPY KREMES!!! They were hot and fresh and ready for us to devour! It was delicious....we got a dozen so that we would have plenty to bring back to the hotel with us.

Disneyland Day ONE.....successful.

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