Monday, April 16, 2012

I Am Completely Content In Our Day to Day

April 9-16, 2012

Our days are so simple yet so lovely all at the same time. Some of our most memorable days are spent at home cuddling under the blankets, watching movies, and dancing in the living room to worship music. Making coffee and snacking on sweets. Watching the rain fall outside while enjoying the warmth of our home indoors. Can life get much sweeter? God has blessed us well beyond what we deserve. Jesus gives me an overwhelming love for my boys and I only hope they can see the love of Jesus in me day to day.

I love that life is simple and that I am able to be home to enjoy every second of their little lives. Are there challenges? Sure....We're all a bunch of sinners living under one roof, but Jesus provides a patience and love that is so amazing.

We may be poor, but the value of being a stay at home Mama is way beyond the value of anything else in this life. I am blessed to have the opportunity to pour the love of Jesus on my boys day in and day out. I pray that He does this through me every single day and that He will give my boys the faith to believe Him also as they grow older. Thank you Jesus for my precious family; two beautiful baby boys and a loving husband that I do not deserve. With Jesus as the foundation of everything in my life, all the rest is made enjoyable and He gets us through the hard times and moments of weakness.

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