Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Three Day Weekend

April 6-8, 2012

Daddy had Friday off so he was able to join us for our Bob Jones Trail run. We drove up to Avila with everyone (except Nana because she had to work :( ) and had a great time in the warm weather. We ran the trail and then stopped for some play time on the PIRATE playground!

In full pirate gear. "How to be a pirate" shirt! Our 69 cent thrift store find. Woo!

Oliver played on the swings for a good amount of time. He loved it.

Carter liked it as well, but not as much as brother. It was short lived.

Aunt Beth pushed him on the swings and played with him in the sand. He loves her.

A couple of cuties.

Mama and babies. <3

Saturday we ran to Papa's house and once we got there Papa and Ky Ky were heading out for a run so I decided to join them! While I was gone Daddy, Beth, Kenzie, and Tyler took the boys to the park to play in the grass. They snapped some pretty cute pictures for me.

We came home that night and made some veggie curry with rice. SO GOOD. We relaxed at home the rest of the night and enjoyed some kettle corn made by Daddy.

EASTER! I didn't get any pictures of you boys in your cute little outfits but we had a lot of fun with Aunt Kari and Uncle Dave. We had lunch and hunted for some easter eggs.

We had a fun weekend, but were completely worn out by the end. We all slept great that night. So many good memories that make up for it though. :)

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