Monday, April 30, 2012

Quiet Time As A Young Mama

April 30, 2012

It's taken me a couple of years to really think through and figure out what works for our life and daily routine. After having Oliver and Carter so close together I thought I would never again have the time to sit down to pray and read through the Bible...until they went to school anyways.  For a long time this really frustrated me and it actually got to the point where it made me upset. When I got upset about it, it would completely affect my attitude and my patience at home with the boys. This, of course, was not okay and I never want to act that way even if it is out of the frustration of not being in the Word. Here's what the Lord has been teaching me through that....

I can pray anywhere, anytime, about anything. This is so necessary whether you have little kids or not. Being constant and instant in prayer while making breakfast, while changing dirty diapers, while your toddler is throwing a fit and you feel your patience quickly dwindling, while your quickly getting your five minute shower in for the week (okay so it's not that bad but sometimes it feels like it), etc. God has really used having small children to teach me this very valuable tool in drawing me close to Him. This really aids in pointing the boys to Christ and showing them His love daily. Whenever it feels like things are out of control and no one is obeying or listening in that moment, praying over and over to the Lord in my mind and even out loud is really affective. I know my boys listen if I pray out loud and it's a really good way to show them what a relationship with Christ is like.

Taking any moment that I do have free to sit and read. I've recently started in Genesis, I love to sit and jot down notes because that's one way that I really learn and absorb information, it took me a few days to get through five chapters but that's okay! This is the season of life that God has me in and He knows the struggles of everyday life. He uses so many things to teach and grow me, if I don't have the time to sit down and read I don't really feel stagnant, not to say I'm not in a place where I don't need growth definitely NOT, but I do feel He understands and teaches me despite my crazy life. Even if the only time you have to read is at night when you go to bed, do it! God can use five, ten, fifteen minutes before bed and it should be important enough to be made a priority. If that's really a struggle, pray to Him about it and explain to Him your weariness in that. He is completely capable of providing you with the energy you need and can completely reveal Himself to you in that time, He has no limits.

Do not get frustrated. I cannot tell you how many times I sit down to read and the second I do, a baby or two demands my attention. This may be silly but whenever I don't get my quiet time in AND it makes me frustrated, in my mind I always yell at myself "Satan wins!!!!". Not only is he satisfied in me not getting to read my Bible, but he's even more satisfied in me sinning with my attitude because of it. I hate that feeling and that's one area that God has really been working and growing in my heart. I'm a work in progress! Don't get down if you don't get to read, God is still working.

Reflecting back on the growth He's done in my life gets me really excited. Having a solid prayer life is the most beneficial thing you can be doing. It's one of the most intimate aspects of a relationship with Christ. I have a prayer journal going that I don't always have time to write in, but I do always have time to talk to the Lord as I'm fulfilling my daily obligations.

Enjoy the Lord through your children! He gave them to you as a blessing and as a tool to teach and grow you.

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