Monday, April 30, 2012

Crazy Week!

April 23-30, 2012

This last week went by way too fast! The weeks normally go by pretty quickly but this last one was ridiculous. The week started off with a bang....literally....

My poor sister Kylie called me Monday morning at about 10:30 asking me to take my brother to school for her by 11. She was so sick and I did not mind helping her out one bit! I rushed out the door with the boys still in their pajamas because I HAD to get gas before driving all the way across town, I wouldn't have made it. I picked up my brother, filled up my gas tank and I should have known when I pulled in that the following would happen...They had their huge gas truck, filling their tanks, parked in front of all three rows of pumps leaving only a very small gap for anyone to get out of there. I was in such a hurry that I didn't have time to stop anywhere else and when I went to leave I ended up clipping the pole by the gas pump in an effort to avoid hitting any of his stuff! The pole: 1 My car: 0. Nice big dent and paint scrapes along the side! Oh well, it's all cosmetic damage! The door still works perfectly. I'm still mad that I did that though... Good news: Tyler made it to school on time! Woo hoo?

We ended up staying at my parents house the rest of the day to keep Kylie company and she says that seeing the boys in their cute little pajamas was all she needed to feel better. It's true, they are pretty darn cute in their little footy pj's. We had lunch and enjoyed the afternoon because thankfully she started feeling much better!

Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy days so we pretty much just stayed inside and watched movies. It worked out perfectly because I ended up getting a really bad head cold that completely wiped me out. We made yummy food and smoothies and snuggled up under the blankets.  These kind of days are great, but we do get a little stir crazy with two in a row!

By Thursday things of this ^ nature were happening. Carter decided that it would be fun to remove every piece of clothing from Oliver's dresser and Oliver decided it would be fun to watch him and talk and giggle about it after. All I could do was laugh because it really was funny. Thankfully my Mom called right after this happened and asked if we would want to go to lunch with her and Kylie. This was really special because my Mom never has weekdays off and we hardly ever get to spend alone time with her so this was great. We had lunch together and got to my little sister's school early enough to play with the boys on the playground there. Oliver played with a few little first grade boys, who thought that Oliver was pretty great. They all stood in a circle around him saying "HI" so that Oliver would say it back. When he did they all would giggle and say "He said hi! hehehe" while Oliver would look at them like they were crazy.

Friday was our weekly beach day! The weather was perfect! The boys soaked their clothes in the ocean and spent the rest of the day running around in their diapers. They loved it!

We ran our eight miles and thankfully my brother pushed the stroller the entire way! I was still sick and not feeling that great, so that was super helpful! I feel like pushing a stroller doubles the workout intensity, which I normally like, but I was not up for it this week! Thanks Tyler! :)

The boys got to play on their favorite playground again!

It has a pirate ship that they both love to steer and Oliver admires all of the details every time we go.

Carter loves his Uncle Ty Ty. They do lots of outdoor exploring together, the connection they have is really sweet.

Oliver was really into cuddling with these dolphins. I'm not sure why but he was and it was cute! We enjoyed the rest of the day by having lunch and stopping at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (my favorite!!).

We had been planning and setting aside money to take Oliver to see the movie "The Pirates" once it came out. Well, it came out this last Friday so sure enough we made plans to see it Saturday afternoon. Oliver had really been looking forward to it! We left Carter with my parents because he's still too wiggly to sit through an entire movie. This made is a Mama, Daddy, Oliver date for the first time since Carter was born! It was so much fun and he really enjoyed the special attention. He sat through the entire movie and loved it! Daddy and him polished off all of the popcorn before the movie even started...the Baker boys are definitely popcorn lovers and I'm pretty sure they get it from their Grandpa Baker :) After the movie we headed up to San Luis to have dinner with my family at Tahoe Joes.

Sunday was of course church and our little tradition of having lunch at my parents house. The weekend was far too short! I wish we could have stretched it out a bit longer.

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