Monday, April 23, 2012

Wednesday-The Day of Chaos

April 18, 2012

This day just happened to be Papa's birthday! The big 5-0 to be exact. We normally go to Bible study on Wednesday nights but there were plans to take him out for his birthday dinner so we decided to miss this week. My Grandma has been very sick for the past four months and had been in the hospital all that week meaning that things were pretty hectic for my parents. We didn't find out until late that we wouldn't be making it to dinner but it was also too late to make it to Bible study. Sad.

We still ended up making plans to eat at my parents house but it wouldn't be until late because my Mom was at the hospital with my Grandma. It turned out really great . Kaleb had a great idea to get us donuts and coffee as a snack before dinner. We eat dessert first. :)

I actually didn't get a donut because this monster ate all of it. It was gone in less than 5 joke.

After spending some time at Starbucks, which was really great because we were the only ones there, we headed over to Nana and Papa's house to help cook dinner. We grilled up some hamburgers and made onion rings, it was so good! Oliver insisted that Papa needed "a cupcake" but with things being so up in the air no one had been able to make any. Nana had the great idea of heading over to Oliver Garden and getting some dessert to go! Genius! Four pieces of black tie mousse cake were enjoyed by all.

Papa on his birthday. His face pretty much sums up his attitude towards turning 50. :)
We had fun staying up late, celebrating his very special milestone.

If you could please be praying for my family, especially my poor Grandma (Elaine) who has been in excruciating pain for four months now. She's been admitted into the hospital twice in the last month and has an appointment down at UCLA on Thursday that we're hoping she can make it to. All of the doctors here in the area cannot seem to figure out what's causing her pain because every test has come back normal. She's really worried about having to be in the car for a few hours with the way that she's been feeling, completely understandable. Pray that the Lord would comfort her and ease her worries and her pain. All of your prayers are greatly appreciated! We know that this is where the Lord has her and He has a plan through all of this.

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