Monday, April 23, 2012

Maybe You Could Call It Suicide Friday

April 20, 2012

Lately we've been heading up to Avila Beach every Friday with my Dad and sister Kylie to run the Bob Jones Trail. It's something we look forward to doing all week long, we always have a lot of fun. Halfway through our run if we have time we'll stop and let the boys play on the playground for a little bit, which they love! It's pirate themed....need I say more? This time we let them play on the beach for about ten minutes because that's all the time we had, but they soaked it up. Rolling around in the sand, rubbing sand in their hair, trying to destroy sand castles, and admiring the waves. Oliver said "Look! It's splashing!"

Round trip we run about 8 miles which is normally pretty exhausting! This last Friday it just happened to be almost 90 degrees and the middle part of the trail has absolutely no breeze and you're running on black asphalt. Can you say scorching hot?? By the time we hit the end of our run we were so dead tired and not to mention absolutely STARVING! As soon as we stopped everyone was grabbing water and crackers and wiping the mass amounts of sweat dripping off of our faces. It felt so good though! Such a great workout.

Right before we started our run.

Our little beach break. Oliver has his stinker face on.

The boys LOVE playing in the sand. We'll be here a lot this summer.

I loved the hat that Carter was wearing! Unfortunately he tossed it out of the stroller on our run back and we didn't notice until it was too far gone. Oh well...


We're hoping we'll make it back this week and that the weather will warm up! Cold and rainy just wouldn't be quite as fun. :)

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