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Weekly Recap

May 7-13, 2012

Caution: Picture Overload!
The boys love running around the house in their diapers, so Monday morning they did just that. The boys were running around in the living room while I was back in my room doing something when I heard Oliver yell "Mom, I took Carter's diaper off!". I walk up and sure enough Carter was sitting in his Daddy's leather chair butt naked, smiling. It was pretty funny...

Carter (right)  has a thing for keys and after losing a couple sets that took us forever to find, we won't be letting him do that anymore. :)

Oliver posed for the first picture and then started cracking up at himself. He obviously thought he was hilarious. :)

Oliver pushed this box up to his dresser to see what all he could get into up top. Carter was just being his smiley cute self.

After lunch we took Papa to Rice Ranch Park for the first time, it was really warm and we were the only ones there. It was pretty great to have the playground all to ourselves.

Oliver fell asleep on Papa for awhile, but was ready to play as soon as he woke up.

Carter loves following his brother around trying to do and get into all of the same things.

Oliver crawling through the grass.

The boys and I on the bridge. Oliver running off like a mad man.

Carter was being silly with this soccer net, trying to stick his head through all of the squares. It was hilarious.

The boys love to sit in our bed in the mornings watching a movie and eating breakfast. It's a fun time to cuddle up together and always a great start to our day. 

My bed is always full of cracker crumbs, but I think it's cute. 

My Dad and siblings all had dentist appointment that morning and they invited us to join them for lunch right after they were done. We had Mcdonalds and decided that we'd spend the rest of the afternoon at the park right up the street from our house. Uncle Ty Ty joined us this time.

Carter is a big fan of Uncle Ty Ty, they get along really well. 

The boys playing on the slide and playing in water, getting completely soaked.

Oliver (left) and his crazy static-y hair from the slide. 

From Left: My brother Tyler, Oliver, Me, and Carter.

Tuesday night I made dinner and packed it up into a picnic basket so that we could walk over and eat in front of an outdoor fireplace that we have by our favorite Starbucks. The boys love to run around out there and always have a ton of fun. There ended up being a ton of broken glass that the boys could have easily cut themselves on so we decided to walk over to Starbucks and hang out there instead. The sunset made the sky look so beautiful and we had a really great time watching the boys find snails and sticks.

The best drink on the planet: Mocha cookie crumble Frapp made with breve and caramel sauce. YUM!

We went over to a friend's house and packed up all of our kids in the strollers and walked over to the park! Between the two of us there are five kids that are five years old and younger so it was pretty fun keeping them all in one place.  After spending some time there we walked back to her house and she made us some super good iced coffee! It was a really fun day spent with friends. Becky, we need to do that again soon. :)

That night we walked to our weekly Bible study with some other young families from our church. We hadn't been in a few weeks because of so many people being sick so it was fun to get together again.

My sister text me suggesting that we take the boys on a picnic that afternoon and that she would bring the food. We walked over to the park to meet her and she surprised us with Subway sandwiches, yummy bbq chips, root beer, and oreos for dessert. She completely spoiled us, it was so good! We sat in the grass on our blanket and ate lunch. The boys couldn't wait to run around and play so we let them do just that for the rest of the afternoon. By Thursday I was sunburnt, we spent everyday out in the sun this last week! It's turned into a really great tan....on my arms...that's about it. I'll have to work on that one when we start hanging out at the pool.

We tagged along with her to pick up my sisters and brother from school and of course dropped by Starbucks for happy hour. :)

We will definitely miss happy hour.
Once we got back we let the boys play in my parents front yard, which they love to do!

Photo Cred: My brother Tyler...he took these for me.

Photo Cred: Tyler Lee.

The boys got to spend the evening with their Aunt Kari and Uncle Dave while we went to a meeting, and we got to hang out for a bit once we were done. The boys love playing in her backyard and right now they have a huge empty cardboard box in their living room that they are obsessed with. Oliver was telling me all about it after we left. 
We took our weekly trip to Avila to run the Bob Jones Trail, but this week it was not warm and sunny! The fog was super thick and it was freezing cold. We ran our eight miles, let the boys play on the playground for a bit, and by the time we got back to the car the sun had just started to come out. We still had a good time and it was, as always, a good workout. 

Carter steering the pirate ship and on the left he's watching his older brother play. Mesmerized.

The boys got to ride together on the little rocking horse, they loved it.

Oliver was really into climbing over all of the rocks. It was great until he found bird poop.

Right after we drove up into San Luis to have lunch at The Habit, do a little shopping for my mom for Mother's Day, and hang out in the bookstore. While sitting in the children's section of the bookstore we met another Mom who is originally from Turkey. She lives in San Francisco now and has a little boy who's only a few months older than Carter. As we were talking to her more she seemed like she was pretty lonely over all and it sounded like she goes through quite a bit of sadness and depression. I hope we were able to shower her with love and encouragement in the little bit that we were able to talk with her. I can only imagine how lonely it must be to have a small child with no good friends or family around to keep you company.

Right: Oliver was people watching. Left: Carter was smile and laughing at his Papa.

Left: Carter was saying please, I love his little facial expression. Right: Getting a drink, just what he asked for.

We were just really hungry ok?
We headed back to town to get my sisters and brother from school and let the boys run around in my parents yard once we got back. That night we enjoyed our weekly pizza night with my family at Me-N-Eds and had a really good time. 
Kaleb wanted to take us up for a day in San Luis as a little treat for Mother's Day. We drove up and met a couple of our friends who are visiting from up north for a coffee and then headed out for a hike. The hike was really great until the very end. I almost stepped on a couple of snakes within maybe five minutes of each other and after that I was thoroughly freaked out and started high tailin it down the mountain. The grass was all really tall throughout the entire trail, completely perfect for slithering snakes to hide and creep through. No thanks. 
The start of our drive up to San Luis...

and they were out within minutes.

Tree climbing with Daddy.

Oliver really enjoyed spending time with his Daddy!

I'm glad Oliver was hanging out up there when we encountered both snakes! Up until then he had been walking on his own.


Mother's Day! We spent the morning at church, as we do every Sunday, and headed out for lunch with my family at Red Lobster right after. My family was so sweet, I got lots of cute cards and sweet gifts. My Mom took my sister and I for pedicures after we were done with lunch, it was amazing! It had been way too long since the last time I had been. We know the owners so they took their time pampering us! 

Left: My Mom, me, and my sister Kylie. Right: A few of the sweet cards and gifts I got for Mother's Day.
We have another fun week planned and I can't wait to make more memories with my sweet boys!

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