Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Sweet Boys

I haven't done an update on them in awhile so here it goes!


He is now 2 years and 5 months old. He talks so much it’s incredible and his memory is amazing! He still remembers the fourth of July from last year and where we stood to watch fireworks, he remembers the exact spot we stood in Santa Barbara well over a year ago to pet and hold snakes, and that’s just a couple of examples. He’s always reminiscing and he always recounts memories with amazing detail. We are starting to potty train this week and we think he’ll do really well. He loves his little brother and really enjoys when Carter wakes up from a nap so that they can play together. Some of my favorite Oliver quotes that have gone in the quote book recently are as follows:

“Mama, you all done working out? Good job Mama!”
Oliver: “I like Beauty and The Beast!” Me: “No you don’t, that’s a girl movie!” Oliver: “Yah, girls don’t have ching chings!”
While sitting in Subway for lunch…. Me:” We need to pray and thank Jesus for the food He’s given us.” Oliver: “*points to the guys behind the counter* That’s Jesus?!?!?!”
“Daddy a real kid….Daddy a real special kid.”
He wakes up from his nap while I'm working out to a Jillian Michaels DVD he says "Who that Barbie girl?"

I love that he’s talking  so much, he cracks us up! 

He’s still very into pirates, he loves wearing pirate shirts, hats, and carrying a ching ching around. He’s currently very into watching “Desperaux”, “Toy Story 2”, “Megamind”, and “Veggie Tales- Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”. He’s not a picky eater at all but would much prefer to snack all day than eat three solid meals- we’re working on that. I’m not sure how tall he is but last time we weighed him he came in at 31 pounds.


He is now 1 year and 4 months old. He’s starting to say a ton more words such as: More, Daddy, Mom, Love ya, doggy, bubble, ball, car, cracker, and more that I can’t think of at the moment! He loves going to bed and sometimes when he’s tired he’ll point to his room and say “please” so that we’ll lay him down for either a nap or to go to sleep for the night. He recently asked me (by pointing) to put him in his brother’s bed for his nap and now that’s kind of become routine, he loves it. He’s a tough little guy who gets tackled and pushed around by his older brother all of the time but hardly ever cries even when he’s hurt. He absolutely loves any sort of animal that comes around especially doggies. Whenever we go to Rice Ranch Park we take him to the dog park they have there just to watch all of the doggies. He is so expressive and makes some of the cutest faces that melt our hearts every time. He just started walking three months ago and is already running around after his brother, he’s so fast! 

He is such a little blessing to our family, we love him so much! I’m not sure how tall he is either but last time he weighed in at 20 pounds. I can't believe how tiny he still is, the kid eats more than his chubby older brother!

The Brothers

They get along so well and love each other's company! Carter has already started tattling on Oliver if he gets a toy taken away from him, it's pretty funny. They like to wrestle but also love to cuddle. Carter has learned to be a tough little guy from his big older brother the last several months. We love these boys to pieces and hate to see them grow so fast but love watching them learn and develop their little personalities!

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