Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Recap

June 18-24, 2012
Our living room picnic.

We started out our day with a picnic in the living room breakfast, which the boys loved! We had made plans to meet my family at the park for some playtime so we headed out to walk over because the park is only two blocks away from our house. 
Oliver enjoying the park.

Left: Me juggling some babies, our friend Reese and Carter. Right: Carter playing on the bench.

We let the boys run around on the playground, we had a blanket set up with a bunch of snacks, and my brother played his banjo a bit. It was such a fun relaxing time enjoying the sunshine and fresh air! 
Carter enjoying the pool with Uncle Ty Ty.

We all walked back to my house to go for a swim and that night we went out to dinner to celebrate my little sister Kenzie’s 13th birthday!

Left: Little sister Kenzie and me. Right: Tyler, Kenzie, Kylie, and Me (we're missing my littlest sister Beth in this picture)

My house full of nakey babies...the best.

The babies lounged around the house all morning in their diapers, my favorite. My brother and sisters and my brother’s friend Jimmy (who we like to call Jammies) came over and we all walked to Starbucks for get coffee and hang out. It’s about a three mile walk there and back, it’s a perfect little afternoon stroll we walk there all the time. 

$5 in change is how I pay for my Starbucks's addiction's a glamorous life I tell ya.

Top Left: Oliver exploring his "pirate island". Top Right: My brother Ty with the boys. Bottom Left: Carter. Bottom Right: Me and baby Carter.

My brother treated the boys to cake pops, what a guy, and we sat out by the outdoor fireplace that’s nearby because it’s the perfect spot for the boys to run around. Oliver climbs up into the bushes and calls it his “pirate island” and gets thoroughly lost in la la land. That night we took the boys to Mcdonald’s to play on the playground while I sat and blogged, Carter helped a bit.

Carter my little (cute) helper.

This is how Oliver dressed for our little McDonald's outing. The normal, of course!


My boys playing outside of our condo.

We had a few friends and their kids come over to spend some time at our house playing. Between the four of us we have eight kids and we decided to venture out to Arby’s with everyone for lunch. It actually wasn’t too chaotic or crazy like I think we were all expecting it to be, not bad. After we were all done eating we went our separate ways, I HAD to stop at the gas station because our tank was about as empty as it can get without breaking down so I pull up (stupidly) open Oliver’s sliding door which happened to be the side I was going to be pumping gas on,  (stupidly) pop the gas cap, and discover “Oh crap, I can’t pump gas with the sliding door open”. I try to close automatic door but all it does is beep because the gas cap was popped and it would jam…CRAP. I had to pull off into a parking spot with the door open, look all over the manual for directions on how to fix this stupid mistake I had made, and after 20 minutes of looking I finally found directions and fixed the problem. I pull back around to pump gas and couldn’t find my debit card…CRAP AGAIN…thankfully it only took me about five minutes to find it but it felt like forever and I was already stressed out. Lesson learned, I will never do that again but if I do I now know how to fix it! 
Left: The boys in their stroller. Right: Me with my much needed iced coffee.

We took a walk to Starbucks again with my siblings, hung out a bit, and walked home. 
Anniversary love. Happy 4 years baby!

Chipotle dinner. Yum.

The same Starbucks that we spent most of the first few months of our relationship. Many hours of sweet conversation and good memories.

It was mine and Kaleb’s four-year wedding anniversary so we went out that night for a date to Chipotle for dinner and Starbucks for a frappy treat. My brother and his friend Jimmy babysat for us and did an amazing job! Tyler sent us video updates and the house was clean when we got back! It was great….

Left: Me being sleepy and lazy. Right: Oliver peacefully snoozing away.

Oliver enjoying a ring pop.

My brother and his friend Jimmy stayed the night at our house so once everyone was up that morning we had breakfast and had fun together. We were supposed to meet a couple of our friends at the park that morning but didn’t realize until last minute that Kaleb had taken the van to work that morning and the van had our stroller in the back…we had no way of driving or walking anywhere for the day so we stayed home. 
Left: Carter sitting by the pool. Right: Oliver watching a movie in his pirate robe after swimming.

In the afternoon my family came over and we spent the afternoon at the pool.  
Pirate boy.

That night we headed over to Kaleb’s sister Kari’s house for dessert and to spend time with our nephew Zach who was in town for a couple of days. It was fun to spend time with everyone!

Relaxing in bed watching Parenthood.

The boys slept in pretty late Friday morning, they didn’t get up until almost 10:30 so while they slept I laid in bed and watched season 1 of Parenthood. It was so relaxing and fun to watch, I’ve been missing tv shows since we got rid of our Netflix account. 
Out for a stroll.

After breakfast we headed out for a walk, we had intended to walk to Starbucks but my sister text us half way through and said they wanted to meet us at the park after lunch. We headed home, ate lunch, and walked over to Waller Park to play on the playground. 
Carter enjoying a coffee at the park :) Ok fine, just pretending to enjoy coffee.

After spending a couple of hours there we walked back home, my brother and I took the boys down to the pool for a bit, and we got ready to have pizza with my family at Me-N-Eds. We hit up Starbucks right after for some coffee!
We love each other, but we also love coffee. True fact.

We walked there and back and decided to have a “sleepover” in our room for the night. Carter took over Oliver’s crib while Oliver and my brother slept on the floor in our room, we watched The Last Samurai until everyone dozed off.

Carter enjoying crepes.

We got up, made crepes for breakfast, and headed over to our friend Ruben’s house for coffee. It’s always fun to go over there, our boys love playing with his two boys Nate an Justin even though they’re a bit older. 
Left: Carter snuggling Nate (he also gave him kisses). Top Right: Boys sleeping. Bottom Right: Oliver's "potty hat" and his new undies.

We ran our Saturday errands and made our pre planned trip to Target to get all of our potty training essentials for the next week. The boys napped in the car before we headed in so by the time they woke up we were starving and decided to stop and get a snack at the food court first. A pretzel, popcorn, and a soda was just what we needed to perk us up we headed out to get Oliver a froggy potty, underwear, and a potty success treats (M&M’s).  Oliver decided to wear the potty on his head all over the house when we got home and sounds pretty excited to get started! 
Left: Me and Carter(in the ergo) at the movies. Top Right: Oliver and Daddy eating popcorn at Target. Bottom Right: Out attempt at a family pic. Ha!

That afternoon we decided to take the boys to see “Brave” since it came out the day before. Oliver was really looking forward to seeing this movie because the girl has “a bow and arrow’’. He really like the movie! We took the boys to McDonald’s right after for dinner and some playtime on the playground.

Ice cream. Nuff said...

We headed to church like we do every Sunday and then to my parent’s house for lunch and ice cream. We came home for a couple of hours, the boys napped, I packed up some sandwiches, and we headed back to church for a fellowship dinner they were having before the evening service. It was fun to hang out with everyone and it was great to be able to talk to some people that we don’t normally see enough to have conversations with on Sunday mornings.
The boys playing at Papa's house after church.

Hope everyone else had a great week last week, and are ready to start a great week ahead!

I'm linking up with The Naptime Review this week for Mom's Monday Mingle! Looking forward to meeting some of you ladies! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your boys are adorable---I also have two wild little boys---it's crazy, right?! Found you via the blog hop---looking forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you so much! Having two little boys is insane most of the time, but I do absolutely love it! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Looking forward to getting to know you better, Julie!


  2. You look like you had a fun filled week. Love the pictures you posted and I plan on taking my son with a couple of his friends to see Brave for his birthday. I am really looking forward to it.
    I am following you from the Monday Mingle hop and hope you can follow back.

    1. Oh I hope you guys love the movie! We really like it, my son especially because of the bows and arrows. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello Jillian. I'm looking forward to reading your blog!


  3. Loved all these pictures! I must say, my husband and I are also quite addicted to coffee. Sometimes you just have to admit it. ;)

    1. I am admittedly addicted to coffee! Especially with two toddlers, it gets me up and going that's for sure. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello Ashton :)



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