Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly Recap

May 28- June 1, 2012


Monday was Memorial Day so Kaleb got to have the day off; we were so excited! We got up that morning grabbed some donuts and headed over to our friend Ruben’s house to hang out with him and his two boys. The parents all sat sipping coffee while the kids played together, it was great. Around lunchtime we had made plans to pack a lunch and drive about thirty minutes to this really great playground out by Solvang. 

The boys had a great time playing on the playground, getting soaked in the misters, and napping in the sunshine. Later in the afternoon we ended up driving into Solvang so the guys could sit in their favorite coffee shop there to have Bible study while the girls and kids walked around and shopped. We met them back after awhile with pastries and ├ęclairs from a local bakery. YUM.
My entire family in Solvang from left to right: Kylie, Mackenzie, my Dad, Bethany, my Mom, Tyler, Me, Carter, Oliver, and Kaleb.

I had kind of set aside this day to get things done around the house because I knew I had plans to be away all day Wednesday, so laundry and such was a priority. Our sweet friend Melissa brought over a pizza for lunch and stayed to chat for a while. Oliver loves “Mehissa” and she was super sweet in letting him play all sorts of games on her phone. He loves her. 

A little later we met up with Papa and KyKy for coffee at Starbucks, went and picked up the kids from school, played with them for awhile outside, and headed to get Daddy from work. We had to make an appointment for Carter to see his doctor because he had been running a fever for a few days and he’s been known to get ear infections. Turned out to only be a sinus infection so he got some meds and we headed home. 

I got to get away for the day to hang out with a few girls I go to church with. The boys got to hang out with their Aunt Kari all day while I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain! I’m not someone who enjoys being away from her kids so I was a little worried that I would really start missing them, which I did but I survived.  It was really nice to get pictures and texts from Kari and Kaleb throughout the day keeping me updated on how the boys were doing and how much fun they were having! 
It was so much fun to have a girls day!

I was so exhausted from my trip the day before and thankfully the boys let me sleep in until about 10 that morning. Once we got up and got ready we ran through the Starbucks drive thru (I NEEDED coffee) and met Kaleb at work to have lunch with him. 

We let the boys play outside in the grass and they loved it. Right after we met up with my sister to spend some time with her and my other siblings once they got out of school. 

That night  when Kaleb got home from work, we ran through the Carl’s Jr drive thru to grab some dinner and we brought it to the park for a picnic. It was really yummy and the boys loved being able to run around and play.  
On the way home we decided to stop at Starbucks for treats; the boys got cake pops and Kaleb and I got to enjoy a nice, big, yummy (free) frappuccino.

We got up a little early and took our weekly trip up to Avila for our Bob Jones Trail run. We wanted to head into SLO for lunch after so we didn’t get to spend much time playing on the beach or playground. We pretty much ran there and back (8 miles). I think I need to get back into running more than once a week, it’s taking it’s toll on me, I was so tired the entire time! 
We drove into SLO, grabbed lunch at The Habit, grabbed some coffee, and headed back home. 
It was National Donut Day so of course, after dinner, we headed out to the donut shop to celebrate. The boys were thrilled.

 I couldn't quite get through the week in this post...I may do a weekend recap post later this week :)

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