Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekly Recap Part 2

June 2-3, 2012
We slept in a little bit, got up to get ready for the day, and headed to the bank (our weekly Saturday morning errand). Right after we headed over to attend a memorial service for a really sweet man who had passed away unexpectedly leaving behind a wife and five daughters. It was such an encouraging, inspiring reflection of a life that God had really used for His glory! Mourning the loss of a life that we’ll miss here on earth, but rejoice in the fact that he’s with our Savior spending eternity in perfection that we’ll one day get to experience with him. It was hard, it was sad, but it was so awesome to try and fully grasp what he is experiencing right now. He was very loved by so many people, the church was overflowing with people who cared for and had been touched by him. It was a great time to remember him. 
Daddy got Carter cuddles after lunch

Thrifted finds...

Carter enjoying a treat

After we headed to lunch with my family, stopped at the thrift store on the way home (score!), and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home. It was such a relaxing Saturday. 
That night my family stopped by because they had gotten Oliver a couple of special little surprises. A pirate set with an earing, mustache, and eye patch; he loved it of course! They also brought him a small set of army men and he was so excited! 

After they left we had to run to Target to grab a couple of little things, but while we were there we found an Ergo on clearance for $80!! We were needing another one for when we go hiking this summer and this is the cheapest we'll be able to find it! We snatched it up!


Oliver showing off his new pirate robe.

We went to church and enjoyed some good fellowship and an awesome sermon. Our sweet friend Heather found a pirate robe at the thrift store and got it for Oliver. He was so excited when we pulled it out of the bag! We thought we may never get him out of it because he loved it so much. We always eat lunch with my family on Sundays so we headed over to their house for burgers and decided to head home because we were pretty tired. 
Daddy getting Oliver cuddles.

We spent the afternoon bumming around the house because we were all really tired. Everyone but me took naps, we got up made coffee and headed out to church for the evening service. Afterwards we came home, ate pb&j, watched a little bit of a movie, and headed to bed! It was a relaxing weekend that we really enjoyed!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend. We love making memories with our boys and cherishing every second we get together!

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