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Weekly Recap

June 11-17, 2012

My weekly recaps are full of detail and tons of pictures because the sole purpose of this blog is to capture the memories of our boys growing up. I plan making this blog into a book for them to read through someday so details and pictures are very important to me! Hope you enjoy reading through our week and looking through pictures!


We had some family here from Oklahoma for the week and one thing on the list of things to do while they were here was to go hiking!  We packed up the cars and headed up to SLO to hike Madonna Mountain. It was a nice warm day and it was so fun to enjoy with our family that don’t get to come out here very often.

After we finished up our hike we drove downtown to grab lunch (at The Habit), shop around a little bit, and of course grab some coffee! It was an awesome afternoon spent outdoors. 

My babies at The Habit for lunch.

From the top left: My Dad, Tyler (my brother), Jo, Daniel (both my cousins), Aunt Tami, Kenzie, Kylie, Me, and Bethany.

My brother Tyler and baby Carter. He loves wearing Carter in the Ergo!

That night we had plans to take family pictures so we all got ready for that and headed out. I can’t wait to see how they turned out! Amazing I’m sure…our photographer is awesome.


Beach day!! We made a ton of sandwiches, packed everything up, and drove out to Avila Beach for the day. When we got there it was a little disappointing as far as the weather went. It was really overcast and really cold! My dad, my sister and I decided to run what we like to call Big Mama. Avila has a huge hill that we run up and down and it’s a killer work out. By the time we were done with that and done eating the sun came out and it warmed up. We walked down the beach, found rocks, and played in the sand.

A guy who was out surfing found a huge (dead) crab and brought it up to shore. My little sister Beth (lover of all animals) grabbed it and brought it up to show everyone, the boys loved it!


We packed up a picnic lunch for everyone and brought it out to a park that we love to go to just outside of Solvang. After we ate and let the boys play awhile we headed into Solvang for shopping and pastry eating. 
Oliver enjoying a pastry, farmers market, the pastry shop, and Carter sitting in a huge clog (shoe) with Aunt Tami.

Oliver found a pirate barrel to sit on and was in full pirate mode!

They had their farmer’s market going which was really fun to walk through! Each stand had yummy samples of whatever they were selling so we did lots of fruit tasting, everything was so good. We stopped at a bakery that we always visit when we’re there and got lots of sweet treats for everyone. That night we had some friends from church over for dinner at my parents house so that they could meet our out of town family, it was a fun time with lots of joy and laughter! Chet’s a silly guy and we like to tease each other all of the time. It was fun.

I dropped the boys off at my parent’s house in the morning so that my sweet Aunt Tami and me could go for a little coffee date that was cut too short by lunch plans with everyone else.
The boys at Taco Bell for lunch. They loved it.

We all headed to Taco Bell, my Grandma’s choice, and drove up to Pismo Beach to shop at the outlets. After awhile of shopping we had to, of course, stop at the chocolate factory to refuel before heading to the beach to spend the rest of the afternoon. 
Our treats from the chocolate shop.

We saw this awesome car parked out by the beach, Oliver thought it was so cool!

Fun at the beach!

We only got to spend a couple of hours there because we had dinner plans to celebrate my little sister’s 13th birthday a little early so that we could enjoy it with our Oklahoma family. I got a yummy rib dinner! So delicious… 

My Aunt and I didn’t get enough alone time together so we headed back to Starbucks until 11 o clock that night because she had to leave the next morning. My brother and my cousin were also there but sat at a different table and they were being silly.

Saying goodbye at the airport was so sad :(

Left: My Grandma and I. Right: My Aunt Tami and I.

We got up early to drive everyone down to Santa Barbara to be dropped off at the airport. It was a very sad departure, we miss them so much when they’re far away and we really only see them once a year. 
My Grandma is very seriously looking into moving here hopefully within the next year and we’re really praying that my Aunt and cousins will be able to join us at some point also. It would be so amazing to have them all here with us, you have no idea how excited it makes us that they’re may even be a possibility for that to happen! 
Left: My Mom and Carter snuggling. Right: Carter and I walking around downtown Santa Barbara.

The boys and I spent the rest of the day with my parents and siblings in downtown Santa Barbara where we enjoyed lunch and shopping. The week and a half with our family went by too fast, but we’re also exhausted and have a lot of sleep and laundry to catch up on!

Out for a family walk, enjoying the sunshine.

Left: Family walk. Right: Feeding the ducks at the park.

We didn’t make any plans for the day because we really just wanted to enjoy time together and relax! Kaleb and I got up somewhat early so we could get some stuff done before the boys woke up. Kaleb was so sweet and started cleaning up around the house and doing the laundry that was extremely piled up from us not being around the house so much the last week. I worked out, read from Genesis, got a shower, and sipped on the coffee that Kaleb made for us. It was an amazing start to our day! Once the boys were up we headed out to run our Saturday errands (bank, grocery shopping, and thrifting). We got Subway for lunch and decided that since it was such a nice, warm day we would head home to get the stroller and go for a walk to Starbucks and Target. 

Chipotle for dinner!

We got back, lounged around the house a bit, and headed out to hit up a couple more thrift stores, feed the ducks at the park, and to have dinner at Chipotle. We spent the rest of the evening at home watching a movie and laying around cuddling. It was a perfect Saturday!

Kaleb with his favorite card received for Father's Day from my brother.

My Dad laughing at the card we got for him :)

Oliver being cute.

Carter being cute.
Father’s Day! We got up and headed out for church, stopped at my parent’s house right after for lunch and gifts, and played out in the yard for a bit. The boys were really tired and ready for a nap so we headed home to give them some rest. We lounged around the house all afternoon, took the boys to Mcdonald's to play on the playground for awhile, and headed home for some much needed sleep! It was a great week full of family visits and a relaxing weekend with just our little family!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE the weekly recap and I may "borrow it" if that's ok with you. I too am publishing my blog into books, one per year in volumes. I'm following back. Until next time...

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I love writing them out and going through our pictures for the week! I do not mind at all if you "borrow" the idea! Can't wait to see how it turns out for you.


  2. Your weekly recaps are so thoughtful and well-written, Whitney! I know the boys will really enjoy being able to look back and remember all the special things you did together when they were little. Your boys are just so sweet and they are blessed to have you as their mama!


    1. V you are so sweet!! Thank you do much for the kind words and encouragement! I look forward to hanging out with you and Miles tomorrow!


  3. Hi! Enjoyed your weekly round up. Oh I love burgers from the Habit in Santa Barbara!

    1. The Habit is one of our favorite places to eat! We go almost every week, but to the one in SLO. Do you live around Santa Barbara? Thanks for stopping by!


  4. haha!! i love it! what a fun little family you have.
    i found you on the mom mingle blog hop.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Glad you found me do I can start reading your blog as well :) I look forward to reading more!


  5. Looks like you all had an awesome week pretty girl! :)

    Hope your day is going great!

    xoxo -Shar

    1. Thank you for the sweet words Shar! I hope you're having a great week as well!



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