Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Recap

June 4-10, 2012
The boys slept in Monday morning and let me rest, it was amazing! They normally sleep really well, but sometimes they go above and beyond and sleep until like ten in the morning, which means I get extra sleep and can still get up, and get ready for the day.

The boys enjoying lunch with Daddy.

We headed to Kaleb’s work to hang out with him for lunch. The boys got to play all over and “drive” the fork lift, it’s something they enjoy doing every time we go in to Wasco. After we were done there we headed over to pick up my sister, stopped at a friend’s house to pick up a couple of things, and headed back to my parents to see my sisters and brother for a little while.  We met up with my friend Becky and her three kids to play on the playground at McDonald’s until our husband’s got off of work for the night and to let our kids run off some energy. It was fun to spend some time with them!

Me and sweet baby Miles.

We had an all day moms hang out and relax while kids run around and play day at my house. My friends Becky and V came over in the morning with their kids and we had coffee, boba tea, soda, Becky made us lunch, V made a donut run, and we enjoyed laughing and chatting with each other all afternoon. Becky’s three kids and my two boys get along really well so they all just played and watched movies together all day. V’s little boys is almost six months old and is so so sweet! I got to cuddle him and see his cute little smile all day, that made me happy! We will definitely be doing that again soon, it worked out great for all of our kids and for us tired Mamas.

Starbucks date...the best.

That night Kaleb came home and took me out on a coffee date for a couple of hours . I love sitting in Starbucks with my husband, we always have such a great time laughing and talking with each other. We don’t do that enough!

Sick, sleepy boys.

Baby brothers always get squished.

We started out our day at 4 am when both boys woke up vomiting! We were supposed to have family flying in from Oklahoma that morning so I was pretty bummed that we'd be missing their arrival at the airport. They were up until 6 am throwing up, fell asleep for two hours, and woke up completely fine and ready to eat and go about their day. Kaleb went into work late to help me with the sick boys. We guzzled down some coffee before he headed off to work.

I only gave them cheerios and crackers all day just to be safe. Our family ended up being delayed by the airline and ended up flying into the airport here in town at almost midnight that night. I got to go and greet them, give them hugs, and hop in bed! I was exhausted and so were they. They flew in fourteen hours later than they originally were supposed to! Twenty three hours of travel for them and they were finally here!

Carter getting some kisses from Papa.

We slept a bit, thankfully the boys were still feeling perfectly normal so we headed over to my parents house to spend the day with family. We made some yummy sandwiches for lunch and decided to spend the afternoon at the park. It was pretty windy but we were with our sweet family so it was well worth it.

The girls of the family got to get away for a bit and get some pedicures, it was amazing! Sitting in a massage chair, soaking your feet, reading magazines, and chatting with the girls was so much fun and so relaxing. If I could afford it I'd be in there weekly!


We all slept in and relaxing all morning until it was time to grab some lunch at In-N-Out. We always take them to get burgers here when they're in town! Right after we stopped at Target to shop around and headed to Starbucks for some much needed caffeine and hang out time.

From Left: Oliver, Grandma Treva, Kylie, Me, and Aunt Tami.

Normal runs in the family, obviously.

And this wasn't even everyone...

We took up most of the lobby's tables and chairs but it was fun. We ran home, got ready, and headed to my brother Tyler's high school graduation!

The whole family after graduation.

I still can't believe he's eighteen and out of high school! It was hot in the gym where it was held so we were pretty happy to be out of there once it was done! The entire family went out to Red Robin to celebrate after.

We decided to start off the weekend with a morning donut run after running a couple of errands. They were delicious and as always everyone enjoyed it. We met up with the rest of the family and headed over a good friend's house for a graduation party.
Kirsten and me after graduation.

Their daughter Kirsten and my brother Tyler have gone to school together since first grade and have gone through three graduations together. As a gift, she framed a picture for him that he had drawn for her in first grade. It was adorable! Congrats Tyler and Kirsten on graduating!! We are all so proud of you both! After a fun afternoon full of yummy food and chatting with friends we decided to spend the rest of the day up in San Luis Obispo.
Aunt Tami and Oliver holding hands on the drive up.

Our little family enjoying the warm sunshine.

Dinner at Firestone!

It's one of our favorite places to hang out and somewhere that my family really looks forward to visiting when they're here. We shopped around, grabbed some coffee, and had dinner at Firestone (a really yummy tri-tip sandwich place).


We headed to church and got to introduce our family to a ton of our friends at church. My mom made a really good roast with mashed potatoes for lunch and we all got ice cream bars for dessert! Yum! My sweet Grandma is planning on moving out here in the next year or so, so we drove around town looking at all of the areas she could potentially live in to scope out what she might like. She's meeting with a realtor tomorrow to get some good walk throughs of  a few places. We are so excited that the idea of her moving out is actually becoming a reality! We can't wait to have her here with us.

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