Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Recap

July 16-22, 2012
This is almost a week late, but I am trying to play "catch up" so here it goes...

We relaxed a bunch and stayed home all day because I was feeling well at all. The first picture is Oliver napping on our bed and the second picture is of the boys watching "Nacho Libre" for the first time. It's now their favorite movie especially Carter, he requests it as soon as he wakes up in the morning. He says "Nacho" and points to the tv.

I had my first OB appointment early Tuesday morning so while Kaleb and I went to that the boys hung out at my parents house for the morning. When we got back they told me that poor little Carter had been crying and acting like he didn't feel well and it turned out that he had an awful diaper rash and was screaming in pain. I cuddled him on the couch gave him some gummy fruit snacks and after awhile he felt good enough to go play out in the hose. After that he was back to normal! Glad it was short lived, it was so very sad. 
Here are the boys enjoying getting sprayed by the hose and a little later they got to enjoy some popsicles. They were pretty much running around outside naked all day.
This picture is too cute not to brother Tyler snapped these sweet pictures of the boys and I absolutely love it!

Carter was excited to start his day :)

Wednesday evening was the highlight of our day! We took the boys for a walk to play outside by the outdoor fireplace that we frequently visit and then walked over to Wal Mart to grab a couple of necessities. One of those necessities included lollipops for the boys, they loved it! And Kaleb walked us over to Wendy's and got me a large fry to enjoy! I had felt so sick all day and the fries were honestly the first thing I ate that didn't make me nauseous! It was amazing...

This is what breakfast looks like when I feel goes everywhere and the boys have free reign in the kitchen. :)

We headed over to my parents house to spend the day playing, so very nice when I'm not feeling well! My siblings are so great in helping me watch the boys!

That night we stayed home, the boys napped, and Carter looked ridiculously cute eating his apple.

Oliver looking so very sweet at my parent's hose waiting for everyone to get ready
Thanks to our sweet friends the Haley family we were able to spend the day with them at a water park that's about an hour away from here. We had never been and the boys had been looking forward to going the whole week! It was the perfect temperature and it was so nice to be able to relax all day long! We had so much fun and hope to do it again someday soon!

I had been craving Burger King all week and my Mom took us all to eat there that was amazing, besides the fact that Carter threw up everywhere for no reason at all whatsoever. I am so glad my Mom cleaned that one up cause I was in no position to stomach something like that! 

I got some sweet cuddles from my Oliver boy while we were waiting for our food! I am head over heels for that little guy!
When we got home from dinner we opened the door to find that all three of our pet birds had gotten out of their cage and were flying around the house! After one flew straight at my face it disappeared for a good 30 minutes, nowhere to be found, but we eventually caught them all and got them put away. All of that made for an eventful evening.

The top left is Oliver jumping through the air to land on our giant bean bag, he was full of energy as soon as he got up that morning! After a crepe breakfast we took a walk to run some errands, we came home and Kaleb took his first of three naps that day! He's been having sympathy symptoms ha. The bottom right is Carter enjoying a ride on Daddy's back while we shopped. 

While we were out we ran into my basketball coach from high school! He lives in San Diego now and doesn't come back to the area often but he just happened to be here for the day to attend a wedding and we ended up seeing him at Wal Mart! ha Of all places....but it was so good to see him and catch up a bit! It was the best!

This was honestly the first coffee I was able to stomach in over a week, it was awesome!

More food....are you surprised? Another one of my cravings...fulfilled! 

Carter fell asleep on the way from lunch to my parents house so I ended up sitting in the car with him for a couple of hours which turned out to be really good, I got have a good heart to heart with my sister who always has encouragement and understanding for me in every situation. She really helped me clear my head and cool off a bit.

We walked to church that night for a BBQ fellowship dinner, Oliver fell asleep in the stroller so little brother pushed the stroller through the halls of the church for us. :)

After dinner the boys used some of their freshly learned "Nacho Libre" moves on Uncle Ty Ty and they pretty much beat him up. :)

On the way home we stopped at the park for some playtime until it got too cold to tolerate and we headed home.


  1. what a beautiful family and a fun week!! :)
    now officially following you!

  2. what great pictures!! congrats on your pregnancy! I always have lots of food pics when I'm pregnant too, ha! I'm a new follower :)


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