Friday, August 3, 2012

BUMPdate 9 weeks!

Here we are, baby is 9 weeks baked! We go in for our second ultrasound on Tuesday and we cannot wait to see that sweet little baby wiggling around! According to my baby app the baby is the size of a grape this week! You would never guess he/she was that small by the size of my belly already! It's really amazing that just two weeks ago the baby was the size of a sesame seed! That's a lot of growing in such a short amount of time!
I have felt much better this week, I really only feel sick if I don't eat soon enough (which I've made sure to stay on top of!) and at night around the time I go to bed I'll sit in bed and eat tums. 
I haven't really been that tired, I haven't had an over abundance of energy but I haven't needed to nap or anything yet.
I'm really looking forward to feeling this baby wiggle around. With Oliver I didn't feel anything until 16 weeks, but with Carter I felt him fluttering around at 11 weeks! I could be feeling this baby in the next couple of weeks and that's my absolute favorite part of being pregnant (besides actually getting to meet the baby in the end :) ).
I'm still predicting boy, I've felt exactly the same as the last two pregnancies but I guess we'll know for sure in a few months. My doctor's office offers prenatal yoga twice a week so I'm hoping to start that up in the next week or two! As far as exercise we've been walking 3-5 miles a day and that's been good enough for me at this point!


  1. Aw it's growing. Looked like mine at about 9 weeks. We pop much faster after the first and second kid.

  2. You are adorable with that baby bump of yours!! :)

  3. Your are so cute! You make being pregnant look fun! :)
    I hope the ultrasound goes great and you get to see you peanut squirming around!

  4. Recently new reader---but congratulations on another one on the way! Cute little bump:)


  5. I just found your blog (I am always a sucker for fellow momma of boys blogs!). Congrats on #9! Look forward to following along.

  6. Hi-I like your mommy brain moments! I am over from the hop your newest follower!!! Congrats on your new baby. WOW!!! I hope you have a SMOOTH pregnancy.


  7. Yes, we all have those unfortunate mommy brain episodes :). Following you from the blog hop. Thanks for co-hosting!

    1. Oops--meant to add this comment under the blog hop post! A classic example of mommy brains lol!

  8. awww how fun. i miss those flutters.. i dont miss the morning sickness though =) you are so cute preggo =)


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