Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mommy-Brain Mixer Link Up

I’m just going to say it, I am not the most coordinatedMommy when it comes to pumping gas at the gas station…I am notorious in ourhousehold for something, anything going wrong from the time I pull in to thestation to the time I pull out! Birthing and raising two little boys has suckedevery last brain cell I had out of me. I’ll give you a couple of examples…

Example One:

One day my sister called me saying she was really, reallysick and wouldn’t be able to take my brother to school by the time he needed tobe there (in 30 minutes). I was really worried about how sick my sister was,and about the fact that I had to put some gas in the car before I drove fromhere to Timbuktu to take my brother to school. I rushed to my parent’s house, checked on my sister, and picked mybrother up. We headed out and I decided to stop at the gas station closest tomy parents house which happened to be on the way to dropping him off…we getthere and the big hug semi gas truck is there filling up the tanks. I was in ahurry and didn’t think a whole lot about it and just needed to get filled upand on the road to get him to school on time. I get my gas and hop in the carto start the mad dash to the school when I realize how close the gas truck isparked to the front of my car. In an effort to avoid hitting the gas man andhis stupid little cones he put out everywhere while still managing to exit theparking lot, I hit the large grey pole that sits right next to the pump. Okayso I hit it, I didn’t think I hit it that hard, definitely not hard enough to do any damage to their pointless little pole so I kept going because rememberI’m in a hurry…I get to the school in just enough time to avoid my brotherbeing late for class; I get out of the car to assess the damage and holy moly! Huge dent,lots of pole paint smeared across the side, and some great scratches up thebackside of our new (to us) van. Thankfully my husband was so very gracious andunderstanding.

Example Two:

Once again I’m out and about with the boys by myself in themiddle of a weekday, I was completely on empty and HAD to put some gas in thecar to avoid breaking down on the way home. I pull into the gas station andpoor Oliver was particularly winey at the time so as a way of soothing him Isay “Hey Oliver, how about I open up your door so you can watch me pump the gasand we can talk while I’m doing it?”. He says “OK!” very excitedly so I think“Phew! Meltdown averted!”. I push the button to open his automatic door andthen pop the gas cap….I get out and realize “Oh shoot! I can’t reach the gascap when the sliding door is open! No problem I’ll shut the door and hope thatOliver doesn’t freak out!”. I pull the handle and the door stays put and startsbeeping…darn safety feature! I had no idea how to fix this problem so I call myhusband to see what he thought I should do. He says “Drive off and park to theside and read through the manual, if you can’t find anything call me and I’llcome help you!” I do as he suggested and after reading through that stupidmanual for at least 20 minutes (it was the hardest detail to find ever!) Ifinally figured out that there was a stupid little button right next to thesteering wheel that puts the automatic doors on “manual” and allows you toclose them yourself. Easy fix, long time sitting at the gas station, and allwhile both boys were wining and fussing to get out and run around. Sheesh!

Those are just a couple examples of how a bad case of “mommybrain” has affected me in my day to day and I’m not putting any stock in thefact that it will get any better anytime soon. It only gets worse when I’mpregnant (which I am now) and I won’t tell anymore embarrassing stories abouthow absent minded I can be these days…trust me there are many more. I have cometo grips with the fact that I just shouldn’t pump gas when I’m by myself withthe boys so we try to always go when my husband is home to avoid anymoremishaps. 

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  1. New follower from the blog hop mi love your blog!

    1. Aw thank you Mary!! Looking forward to getting to know you! Thanks for following!

  2. Oh I'm always getting myself into silly scrapes like that! Kids do have a way of making you lose your mind :) New follower from the blog hop.

  3. Oh no, I don't even attempt to read the car manuals any-more, I don't know if it's just me or if the manuals never really match up with the cars I've had :P I'm following you from the hop :)

  4. I'm also a new follower from the blog hop. You and your family are adorable! Come check out my blog when you have a chance.
    -MC @ Mom Cat Diaries

  5. Hi, just came to say hi to my fellow co-host of the bloghop! Do drop by my blog when you get the chance!

  6. Like everyone else, I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Can so relate--suffering from serious Mommy Brain myself.

  7. I am also a new follower from the blog hop. Just wanted to say hi!

  8. I have a fear of filling up gas too! I am from Oregon where they feel up your gas for when I went to college in idaho I would always forget and just wait in my car for some one to run out and fill the car up! haha I remember slipping my credit card into the receipt front of my mother in law,,,haha

  9. New follower from the blog hop. Have to admit I am totally spoiled and make my hubby fill up the gas. Obviously I would do it if I have to, but he is pretty good about doing it for me.

  10. Oh my goodness you have some issues with getting It is pretty hard to pay attention to details when your in a hurry. I am always scared I am not going to make it to the pump as soon as the line hits the E. I try not to let that happen but it does. The automatic door mommy brain bit was a smile worthy situation...after the fact.

    Hopping over from the Mommy Brain Mixer! Congrats on Co-Hosting. I joined your GFC so I don't miss anything. You can find me over @ Have a beautiful day.

  11. Stopping over from the blog hop. Your blog is SOOOOO cute! Glad you co-hosted so I could find it. Hope you check out my link if you get a chance =)

    Sarah @ Our Family of Three

  12. Hi Cassie! Your family is adorable. Following from the blog hop. My brain cells started dying the minute I had my first child probably because of the lack of sleep. I not only do "interesting" things at gas stations but anywhere you can find me...especially in public..(ha!)

  13. Hi Whitney! Following you from the mixer. I think you'd love living here in Costa Rica, where no one pumps their own gas. The attendants do everything for you and even check tire pressure for free!

  14. I think your husband should be putting gas in your car from now on ;o)

    Thanks for hosting!
    New follower

  15. Coming by from the mommy brain mixer! Looking forward to reading your blog.


  16. following from the mixer, would love a follow back!

  17. I just love stumbling upon new blogs! Found you at the mixer and your blog is just darling! Thrilled to be your newest follower! Stop by anytime!


  18. New follower from the mixer! I just had my 3rd baby & I linked up his birth story!

  19. Your newest follower from Mommy Mixer.
    Anissa from Chasing Hailey

  20. hey girl, visiting you from the mixer... =) thanks for co-hosting this little shin dig =)

  21. hahaha.. i just read through your stories. i love them... keep sharing them , they are the best =) mine are all about my kids usually. sometimes i get embarrassed at how unruly they must seem, but it makes for great story telling ;)

  22. New follower from the hop,would be great if you would follow back? :)

  23. Started following you from the Blog Hop! Come by and follow me as well!!


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